A large smartphone by LG, released in fall 2014. The LG boasts a Quad HD IPS display and a 13-megapixel camera.

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Power/volume button pad not working correctly

I just got an LG G3 from Ebay, so it is not under warranty. I noticed that the power and volume button pad on the back of the phone doesn't work. When charging, the phone charging light comes on and tells me that it is 100% charged, but I can't get the phone to actually turn on. Can you help me?

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I have this same problem, I bought a phone from eBay with water damage, everything works but the power button. I replaced the whole rear housing (came with new button pad) and the power button still doesn't work. The volume up and down buttons work but not the power button, very strange! Can anyone help?

This was happening to my phone too

All you have to do instead of buying a whole new piece is just take the battery out for 45 seconds and put it back in and turn it on and it should be working.

I dropped my phone, and when I tested it, the power button and the upper volume won't work, only the downer volume works, please help :(

I have same problem too


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I had a similar problem with intermittent dysfunction of power and volume buttons from a used eBay LG G3.

I fixed it by buying a replacement flex cable from eBay ($7) and installing it with these instructions: LG G3 Power & volume button flex Replacement

It's working perfectly so far! I'll let you know if it fails again, but I'm pleased with the cheap repair.


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This is a great option for the money, just to see if the problem is with the flex itself, and the repair is easy. However, I would also try cleaning the contacts on the flex, and maybe the header pins they connect to, first.

My phone bought new worked fine until it sat down at the bottom of a pool for 10 minutes, my phone actually has no signs of damage anymore, rice works wonders. The screen damage even went away with time. That was about two months ago, but all of a sudden, my volume down button doesnt work


Hello, Jeff.

For the power and volume button pad, there may be one or more problems with it. Please take a look at the volume button pad section on our troubleshooting page. It sounds like it could be a dirty connector or misaligned button pad. The power button may not be responding due this problem as well.


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Could you guys fix this problem?


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