PowerBook G4 Aluminum laptops with 15 inch displays

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Why do I get black spots on the LCD screen?

I worked on this notebook, and have switched a new LCD, inverter, cable, and motherboard, but the problem still there.

when i hooked up to a external, the problem is gone.

any ideas?


the screen lights up, and works, but i get some black/white spot around middle of the screen. I took a photo to help the description.

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You mention "black spots"...could you elaborate on this? Does this mean the screen mostly works and lights up, but there are black spots on it? If so, it sounds as if the screen is cracked, and if that's the case, it's the screen that needs to be replaced.

If that's not the case, and the screen itself is totally black with no light, I'd still guess that the screen is bad, because you've replaced everything else. Unless, as QEII suggests, one of your replacement components is bad.


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Do you know that these new components work? I replaced an iBook LCD once only to find the replacement didn't work either!


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OK, upon viewing the picture you added, I can see that you have some bright spots. You have a bad LCD panel and should return it to whoever sold it to you and request a refund. That's the only way to get rid of them, but you can use it as is and you shouldn't damage anything.


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Dear Maclovers,

I got this strange ‘dust problem’ on my Mac. In December 2009 my dream came true and I purchased new lovely Apple iMac 27”, 2.66, i5. One day I have noticed dark grey smudges on both sides of the screen (left and right). I actually didn't notice any spots until I changed the background to pure white (or any other solid color really). At first, I thought it was fingerprint smudges or something. I cleaned the entire screen and it still remains.

I contacted with Apple service and they said iMac is very sensitive to dust. They call it ‘interlaminar dust’in matrix. As time passes, dust accumulates inside the machine and irreversibly penetrates the LCD itself, causing the dark stains. They blamed environment in my room! In fact I understand the point but there are no overt hazards like cooking locally, heavy smoking around or ventilation problems existing. My Mac is placed on a normal work desk with lots of space around it and not more dust then in a normal house. Not that I am surprised that iMac is very sensitive to dust but I am so woefully disappointed.

Most people believe it was a factory defect on the LCDs. The only trouble they say is how to convince Apple Service to make a replacement of LCD under Apple repair program. They say if you pushy enough might get lucky and Apple might fix it for you.

Does it sound reasonable? How likely is it that Apple will replace LCD at their expense?

Mac fan suffering dreadfully.



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