The Canon Powershot A1000 IS features a lens with 4X optical zoom and a focal length of 6.2mm to 24.8mm and maximum f-stops of f/2.7 and f/5.6.

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How to clean the CCD and the Lens Zoom Unit parts

As you may know, all compact Cameras that have a collapsed zoom lenses parts link this camera is very sensitive to dusts and sands. and after a day on the beach you may have this kinds of cameras defective. because some sand particles may go in between the lens parts and make it jammed.

And because the sand is very tiny it may go through the shutter and may jam it too and make the pictures brighter and blurred because it cant shut correctly in time. also some of the sand particles may settle on the CCD and cause some blind spots can be seen on all produced photos, located in the same place.

before buying a new part of the lenses set, I need to clean it up first, cleaning the camera lenses parts and the CCD.

Thank you in advance.

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hsawires, here is the teardown that will help you get to the parts you are trying to clean. For the lens assembly itself, check the attached images. Hope this helps, good luck.

Block Image

Block Image


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Thank you so must for your reply.

the materials you post it, I think it is very useful but if you could deliver a bigger readable version of this two page I will be so grateful.

when you hover your mouse cursor over the image, click on "view original. this will open the images up to a very readable size:-) Otherwise you can contact me by email. My address is in my profile. That way I can send you those images;-)

Thank you so much.

is it possible to clean the CCD as well as the shutter ... I figured out that the lest part are now accessible for cleaning ans I think it is easy to do that. thanks to you.

please check you inbox.



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