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No picture or sound in my Panasonic TH-P42UT30A plasma TV?

Hi Ifixit,

I've got a Panasonic th-p42ut30a plasma tv that has a fault with it.

The standby light is on (red) but it doesn't come out of standby. Pressing buttons on the remote don't do get a reaction from the TV and pressing the buttons on the side of the TV itself don't get a reaction out of it either.

No blinking lights or anything to help diagnose the problem. Just sits there with a red standby light.

I'm not scared of getting my hands dirty by opening the unit and testing voltages. I just need some general help with what board to test or if possible, a repair guide on the unit.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Ok so I've opened the unit. In the middle is the power board.

Standing behind the unit, to the left is another board that has rows of panisonic chips that is connected by a "V sus" cable to supply power from the power board.

To the right is another board which is also connected by a "V sus" cable. The board runs underneath a board that has all the input jacks on it.

I've checked fuses. All have continuity and aren't blown. I've tried unplugging the other boards and testing to see what happens.

When the left board is disconnected, I get a voltage of ~230v when the TV is first turned on. It then flashes a red LED on the front of the TV and power slowly goes down. The right board meanwhile gets the same and also 16v on it's 15v wire.

When plugged back in. The voltage doesn't rise. An ammeter shows ~4-5A running through and then back to nothing.

The TV doesn't turn on the whole time, nothing shows and there's no sound. The LED on the front stays green showing it should be on.

The board on the left is your SC (Scan Drive) board and there should be two boards on the right, one being the Main AV input board and the other one the sustain drive board.

My Panasonic plasma 60 inch TV has a constant flashing red light and no picture or sound... is it something called the component??? If so what and how do I fix it...


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Paul, follow the trouble shooting algorithm attached to this answer. It does sound like your trouble is on the Main AV input board.

Block Image

Hope this helps, good luck.


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What if the power led is red and don't blink or turn green?

The red led stay on for four minutes then flicker by a clicking sounds

@min roger Williams, same model? What have you tried? What have you checked. It takes a lot more information....

I am having the same problem but mine is model TH-42PX20

The stand by light is on doesn't blink at all



TH - 50PF20, Power turned on (indicating green light, and a quick flash of power) But the buttons on the actual screen were locked .

We had to unlock it by pressing the volume up 4 times, then input 4 times, then press volume down 4 times and then selected Enter .

This unlocked the buttons on the TV it self and then we just selected the input.


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i don't get a green light only red steady.


My Panasonic tv model no. TC - P 50X5when tv turned on the red light in front is on no sound no screen. What do you think could be done?


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