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Where are the power pads?


I know this question has been asked many times before but I was wondering if someone could tell me where the power pads are on an A1342 2010 MacBook? I've read all of the previous posts about this but I'm totally blind & can't see any of the pictures that describe their locations. The MacBook will power on but as soon as you release the power button it turns off again. Holding the button down for 5 seconds or so solves the problem - it boots but keyboard functionality is very hit and miss.

I'm confident that I can handle the hardware side of things - I've actually done a couple of A1342 display replacements & I've replaced logic boards on the older A1181 MacBooks, but at the moment I have no way of telling which parts of the board I need to short to power it on without the upper case connected.

If someone could try to describe where the pads are I would be extremely grateful.

Many thanks.

Block Image

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post an image of your logic board with your question so we can point it out to you. What is your logic board number it should be a 820-XXXX I do have a couple different board layouts for this model.

Added to post; hope qualities ok. Don't know the pn of the logic board sorry.


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Paul1986, looks like you own a A1342 EMC2395. your image is a bit to blurry. Check the attached image, it is the same EMC2395 logic board.

Block Image

hope this helps, good luck.


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Thanks for helping but unfortunately I have absolutely no sight & I can't see the image you posted. Could you describe in text where the pads are? E.G. "between the RAM slots & the CPU fan connector"? Thanks.

Paul1986, my best description would be that the pads are about 1/4 inch above the 4th pin from the left above the keyboard ribbon socket. The pads are in a vertical direction. The second pad is about 3/16 above the first pad. Let me know if this makes sense to you.



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