Also known as the LG Splendor, an incarnation of the LG Optimus L7, sometimes known as the LG Snapshot or Swift L7 under the model numbers US730 and LG730 depending on carrier.

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How do I replace my digitizer screen?

I cracked my lg US730 screen about a month or two ago, and it started to get annoying. So, I did some research about which part of my phone was cracked and found that I would have to replace the glass digitizer screen. I have already purchased the digitizer screen and have the proper tools, but I can not find a replacement guide anywhere! So please help me! Any assistance would be appreciated. Preferably, if you could include details and pictures, that would be great! I would really like to fix this soon. Thanks!

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Pageyyypaitsss, not the best of all videos, but watch the little dude doing it on here.


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