Third generation of the North American Odyssey

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I need the car radio code

Hi I change my battery on my Honda 2004 Odyssey. I need the car radio code. The radio serial number is [serial number removed for privacy]. and the vin number is [VIN removed for privacy] Thank you. My email is [email removed for privacy]

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I did the same thing my serial number is 2417 my vin is 1hgem22963l00904 my email is

Hey Gregory, you can actually get a radio code here:

Hope it helps mate


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skyppy103, look on the side of the glove box or behind the ash tray for a sticker with a 5 digit code .If its not there then you will need to remove the radio to get the serial number and either call your Honda Dealer for a new number or post it back. If it is a 2002 or newer try this

Turn your radio off.

Turn key to the ON position. Do not start, just leave ignition in ON position.

Press and hold the numbers 1 and 6 on your radio with one hand.

Using your other hand, turn the radio on while keeping 1 and 6 pressed.

Ten characters will appear on the screen, usually alphanumeric. Write down all the numbers you see.

Now you can either drive to the Honda dealer, provide proof of ownership, give them the numbers, and get your code. Or you might want to try this one online.


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Worked!! Thanks oh it was in the glove box

Hi i changed my battery in my car and i now needs the code to my radio i have a 1999 honda accord my serial number is m98k103374


You can find the radio code for your specific car here:

They worked for me, and emailed me my radio code in 30 minutes. Should work for you too.


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WORKED thank you a lot!



I would highly recommened that you visit

You can find their guide on generating a Honda Odyssey radio code for free here:

I can personally vouch for this website as I've used it to unlock the radio of both my Honda Civic and my wifes Honda Accord and it worked great both times.

I hope this answer helps you out!


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