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iPod Disabled:How do I fix it?

On my ipod screen it says "iPod is disabled connect to iTunes". What do I do to undisable it?

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Place your device into recovery mode (instructions here) and restore with iTunes. Your device will be wiped, but functional again.



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thanks so much my friend came over and went ham on my ipod ipad and iphone so this really helped

I did this but it is still disabled

thanks for all your help tabormeister it's really helpfull

how do u do it without itunes

you cant because it dosent work at all everything online says the same thing


You need to connect to iTunes using a computer. Turn off your iPod until it is completely off. Press the home button and plug in your USB chord that is plugged into your computer. It will come up with a note on the computer that says do you want to restore your iPod. Then click restore wait until finished then it's like it's brand NEW


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To get into your disabled ipod, simply go onto Apple Support. If you are connected to Itunes or Icloud you will be able to get into the ipod. If you do not have a computer, you can contact the Apple store, for they will unlock it for you, but it will erase all it's data .


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You will need to restore it with iTunes, like everyone else said, but keep in mind that if Find My iPhone was on, you will be unable to activate it. Check if the ipod has FMI by going to icloud.com/activationlock


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Switch off the device, press And hold the home bottom and connect USB to PC/iTunes make sure you are connected to the internet. Now restore iPod.... Enjoy


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Hey Delilah, see this old thread.

Disabled iPod is not recognized by my computer or iTunes

•Connect your iPod to your computer

•Turn your iPod off

•For 10 seconds, hold both the Home and Power buttons

•While still holding the home button down, release the power button only! Continue to hold the home button down for an additional 10 seconds.

•After the dialog box explaining that the iPod was found in recovery mode has been closed, restore your iPod

•If iTunes does not recognize the iPod, then you should reinstall iTunes

This video should help you get into DFU Mode



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