13" aluminum unibody, 2.0 or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

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missing part after water spilled DC plug, burn element

My Macbook (Unibody 13" with core 2 duo processor, mid 2009 edition) could not turn on totally. Battery indicator botton was not be able on its function too (pressing this button doesn't make indicator blink as usual). It happened since 6 months ago.

I have to tell you that I think what happened on my book is causing by a little of inadvertent rainwater dropped on DC plugs . I was outside home when this happened. Only little dropping water make me didn't realized by trying to press power button over and over, when I'm already at home and plugged in magsafe on AC. ( I always pull out magsafe when I'm not using macbook). After I realized there was a little of dropping water, I open macbook case. And I found that there is cinder in part of the logic board and 1pc mountsurface component being detached. The component was written "C5" as long as I remember. (I didn't keep it :-( ..) I attach my logic board photograph here too. Can my logic board be fixable ? Some people told me that main issue with my macbook is power supply, isn't right? Is the missing component that being the main issue? If the missing component being replace, then my macbook will be turning on again? Can anyone tell me what the missing part is?

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wellyBud, the component that is missing has the reference designator R6905. It is a resistor, 5% 1/8W MF-LF 805 and it is pat of the 3.425V "G3Hot" Supply. Still trying to find more info on it. Your board looks like it needs a lot of cleaning, so I would definitely get isopropyl alcohol and a soft brush and try to remove some of the debris and check for more missing, burned components. Hope this helps, good luck

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