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My kindle fire charging port is broken how can I fix it

well my kindle fire was charging and my little cousin always wants to play on my kindle he pulls the charger and it broke thats what happened please help me

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cani buy the female end of the micro port to replace in my old kindle fire?


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nelomely, Here is my answer to a very similar question :"disassemble your Kindle. Follow this guide. You should check the solder connection on the micro USB port. It is very likely that they have either come totally of the board, or that they have micro cracks. It might be possible to reuse the old connector and resolder it, or you may have to find a new connector. If you need a new one, you could check or for a micro USB that fits the dimensions of your Kindle." For more information, check the answer from John Painter on this question not charging Hope this helps, good luck.


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Here is a video showing the complete repair process for a kindle fire charging port replacement.


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Thanks Jonathan. I was facing the same issue and was looking for a kindle tech support. After watching the video you recommended I managed to fix my kindle issue.


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Came across Smart Charge Cable it comes with 3 metal plugs that fit into the Kindle charge port the cable & metal plug are magnetic once you put the plug in you don't have to anymore the cable magnetically attaches to plug & charges your Kindle. So you wont wear out or loosen the charge port by constantly putting the charge cable in & out of the port.. Its supposed to be for phones but the Android plug that came with it works on my Paper white.

Smart Charge Cable The Gadget Shelf $16.99 sale. $24.99 regular price.


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