Second generation of the Toyota 4Runner.

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electrical in my tailgate back window not working

why would my tail gate power window stop working from key entry and manual switch on console between seats.

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So your window is not working at all?

Which fuse is the one for the rear window? Where is the circuit breaker? I just got the the truck so l am not used to the mechecnics yet.

I had a problem with my 92 and it turned out to be some debris had landed on some points that are right to the left of the motor. It beeped each time I tried the switch and wouldn't let the window go up or down. Don't know the name of the points contact but soon as I cleaned off the debris it worked


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Jason, Check this from the manual:"

Symptom: Power window does not work

Check on :

1. Fusible link

2. Circuit breaker OFF

3. WIPER Fuse (BE–11)

4. Power Window and Wiper Relay (BE–74)

5. Power Window Regulator Switch (BE–70)

6. Window Lock Switch (w/o Power Window) (BE–71)

7. Back Door Control Switch (BE–71)

8. Door Lock Detection Switch (BE–72)

9. Back Door Unlock Warning Switch (BE–72)

10. Power Window Motor (BE–73)



(a) Connect the positive (+) lead from the battery to terminal 2

and the negative (–) lead to terminal 1 and check that the motor turns clockwise.

(b) Connect the positive (+) lead from the battery to terminal 1 and the negative (–) lead to terminal 2 and check that the motor turns counterclockwise.

If operation is not as specified, replace the motor.

Block Image

Power Window Motor

Apply battery positive voltage between terminals 5

and 13, check that the power window motor turns.

If does not operate, inspect the wire harness and motor,

then if they are OK, replace the relay.

Block Image

The tail gate control module is located behind the plastic trim (wall) at the left rear of the vehicle. Beside the small compartment and below the rear speaker

11. Rear Wiper Motor (w/ Rear Wiper) (BE–43)

12. Wire Harness

My guess it is either the relay or the motor. check the power first and see what you come up with. Here are some instructions for the relay, and here is what your tailgate looks like being disassembled and here is a bit of a walk-through about the rear window repair. Hope this helps, good luck.


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I know this question is old, but just in case someone else is having the same issue, I would suggest checking the easiest fix first. Check to make sure that the rear wiper is seated correctly. It is worth taking a few minutes to mess around with it for a bit while trying the window. If the wiper blade is not sitting in its holder correctly, there is nothing you can do to make the window move! Try it. It might save you some time and money.


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My problem was the window lock switch was engaged. Make sure it is unlocked.


Can anyone tell me why my key won't roll up or down my rear window.


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Between my kids and I, we have had a total of six 4 runners, and we currently have 2, a 2002 and a 1995. We have had the rear window issue come up probably 8 or 9 times that I can think of off hand. Two times we had to replace a fuse. Other than that, we have been able to get the window working again by playing around with the placement of the wiper arm. From my personal experience, I would say that breakdowns with the parts that make the window move are fairly uncommon. For us it has tended to be more an issue of not being careful while loading or unloading the back end and accidentally knocking the wiper out of the little holder on which it is supposed to rest. Good luck to you!


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where is the fuse for the rear window??



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