Why wont my Psp wont turn on or charge?

My psp has been sitting for over a year. I took it to a used game store and tried several different chargers and nothing. Not even the charge light came on. It will turn on if you put a battery in it that has a charge but if you try to charge it still nothing happens.

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Austin Dorson, First thing I'd do is to replace the battery. It is definitely no longer holding a charge. Always look for the easy stuff first :) and than make sure that the battery makes good contact. If I remember right the PSP has fuses on the MB. It has 2 fuses (LD) One marked TB. The other is located beside the power cable disconnect. Of course to fix it you will have to open it up and get to them. Use these guides to work on your PSP and check the fuses with a multimeter for continuity. Check on here as well as herefor more info. Hope this helps, good luck.


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Would the power fuse have a TD on it? my motherboard is TA-090

Yes, it could have a TD on it. check for continuity with a multimeter.

Thank you! Bought a used PSP that had the same symptoms and that was exactly the problem. Stuck a blob of solder over the affected fuse and now the unit turns on (obviously not recommended but at least I know it works)


same probloem :( please help me


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removes the battery from the psp and punel and then starts charging if it does not most likely does not make contact. This usually happens when a psp falls or is kept close to the liquid or it may have swollen the battery


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