Revamped version of the iPhone 3G with faster processing speeds. Repair of this device is similar to the 3G, and requires simple screwdrivers and prying tools. Model A1303 / 16 or 32 GB capacity / black or white plastic back.

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Why my iPhone randomly crashing / rebooting?

Hi ! Got an iphone 3gs use for about 3 month now and it's a gamble every day if it's gonna keep going or not. The could work fine for a week then crash 10 times in the same day, some time it's start back pretty good some time it end with the plug to itune logo and have to restore again.

The only thing i've noticed is that most of the time it crash when i try to use the camera (it's gambling all the time may work may reboot) some time when i play game (i could see it comming cuz the game freeze just a fraction of second and then the screen seems to blink just a little and then reboot) some time when i make texto (once again the lcd seems to blink just a little) and some time when i switch song (always appen when the new cover showing up)

First i was thinking it was the automatic brightness set up so i shut it off but with no succes then i try a new LCD still no succes and make it wort cuz then the phone keep rebooting on apple logo even after couple of hard restart. So i switch back to the old LCD and then i've been able to restor the phone a make it work again but still a lots of crash / reboot

What may be the cause ???? Bad lcd or digitizer connection? or maybe the board comming to an end soon and i will have to change the phone ??? the only other thing may be the proximity sensor may be faulty and cause some trouble ?? The phone never crash during a call or atempting to make a call.

If you have any idee im open to any advice.

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Stephane, first clean your logic board and all connectors properly with some isopropyl alcohol. Follow this guide on how to do it. It was written for a 3G but all the points still apply to your phone as well. Once you get this accomplished. Reassemble and re-evaluate. The other thing to try, would be to disconnect your camera and see if it makes a difference. you can always replace it, hope this helps, good luck.


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Thanks to all of you. First i will try to wash the board like said in the guide and see what happen next. Is there a best % for the isopropyl alcohol ??? some says 90% or more and other says it doesn't mather.

Once again thanks for all your answer and as soon i cleen the logic board and try the phone ill leave comments.

I would suggest nothing less than 90%+ anything less than that will have to much water and will leave more residue.


Well here is some ideas as it is hard to troubleshoot your device with out seeing the symtoms myself.

iPhone will reboot itself if it detects a hardware issue. If the iPhone has never been taken apart before I would like to say with a high percentage that the logic board is defective. Lower percentage is that there is a loose connection, liquid damage, or a simple short in the system.

Just some ideas to throw out there that should lead you to a full complete resolution


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Well thanks for your ideas. I personnaly think it might be the logic board. The phone have been open couple of time like i said for digitizer / LCD change and before i close back the phone i always verify all the connection. Water dammage may be possible but not on this logic board (the two dot still white as snow) but the digitizer / LCD connection have some little rust on brackets and a kind of whipes trace between both parts (but can't cleen it out ) could it be just that ???? i dont think so.

If i got a defectif logic board is there any way i could fix it ???? i dont think so ....

If you or anybody else got any ideas let me know. Got another iPhone 3gs in working order (almost the 6r8 coil is defective so no backlight) but all the other piece are good to switch.


Any corrosion on the motherboard is real bad and should be taken care of or it will get worse with time, it also would make me want to remove the heat shields from the board and inspect it under a microscope, there could be a lot of corrosion you cant see, the fact that the water decals are white doesn't always mean it's free from moisture damage, you bought it used so the previous owner could have changed them, these symptoms point towards moisture possibly.


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