The Sony Cybershot DSC-W55 was released in early in the year 2007. It is upgraded with a 7.2 megapixel camera compared to the previous model's 5.1 camera and has 56mb of internal memory.

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Turn the power off and on again message

When i turn on the camera, the lens focusing two or three times open and close, then the message comes "TURN THE POWER OFF AND ON AGAIN" in the display.

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how can i fix it??

how can i fix ti problame

Fadhili Madaraka wht did you try? Did you check my answer below?


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balaji, this message most commonly appears when the lens does not fully retract or opens.

"Lens won't fully extend ¶

Screen shows Turn off and on again. ¶

Turn off the camera, remove the batteries from the camera and wait a few minutes. Replace the batteries and turn the camera on.

If the lens will still not extend, replace the batteries and turn the camera on.

If the lens will still not extend, check to see if there is any particles in the lens barrel. Blow air in the lens barrel to remove any sand or grit that may be preventing the lens from extending completely." I've had some good result by using a vacuum cleaner to assist the lend to extend and to clean it out. There is also more generic information about that on here. You will find a decent video (not exactly your model, but same problem), on youtube Hope this helps, good luck.


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I couldn't believe it; it worked on the third try. It didn't open at once but after leaving it on for a few seconds more than usual, it suddenly started working again. I had tried putting a piece of paper in between the shutters to dislodge anything too, an idea I got from the provided link.

i have sony w810 camera showing mesg on screen turn off and on again now what i do?

Excellent Thanks! Changed battery and used a high powered vacuum cleaner. So far so good!


1. Throw the camera on a carpeted floor.

2. Blow on the lens.

3. Switch on the camera.

This is what I did when it said "Turn the power off and on again." It works fine when you assault the camera or any other things for that matter


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"Shock to the System" approach works! Start off with minimal velocity, increase as necessary until problem is solved (or camera shatters).

Thank you! Try to air flush dust as advice above .Same error "Turn off then on..."

Then i did your way .throw the camara on carpeted floor....Ta-da!! It works...

Really don't know what to say...but thanks for this method....It works for me...I just keep laugh now...Crazy...

i can't believe it it worked! thanks

Totally worked!! HAHAHA! I couldn't believe it. I had been trying to pry that lens open gently but it kept giving the error message. I don't have soft carpet at my work so I just threw the camera fairly hard onto my padded office chair. TADAAA! It worked! Thanks a bunch.

btw, I have the Sony Cyber-shot 10.1 mega pixel DSC-W180.

I was at my last straws and did this . Worked for me.



I had this issue and I managed to find a primitive fix, see my comment Shuts off after lens extends and retracts again.


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Seeing some of the other answers regarding lenses, I turned off the camera, removed the lens, replaced the lens, and turned the camera back on. Worked.


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How did lens cost you?


I fix this problem by simply cleaning the lens with a paper towel while it was extended. It took several tries, but the camera is working now. Thanks for the earlier posts which helped me identify my problem.


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thanks, dropped and now works!!!!



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