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The power to the clock keeps going out, the back up battery is supposed to keep it going but fails to keep clock running.

  • Make sure that the clock has a proper power source (i.e. plugged in to a reliable outlet)
  • If power cord is damaged or severed, click the link below for a tutorial on how to properly reconnect wires. If not done correctly, there is potential for injury. Here is the link to [URL|fix a wire] properly.
  • If power cord is damaged but there are no visible markings, you will potentially need to replace the entire cord. Click the link below for a tutorial onSony ICF-C1T AC Powercord Replacement
  • Reinsert the new battery and your clock should be working fine.

The lowest setting on the dimmer still makes the room seem too bright.

  • Take a tinted phone screen cover or window tinting sheet, and cut it down to size to fit the clock screen.

There are scratches in the screen where the clock is displayed

  • Take a lightly damp rag and buff out a few scratches, It may help with dirt and very minor imperfections.
  • Take a small dab of toothpaste on the end of a cotton swab and gently rub into the scratches. It should take care of minor scratches.
  • You have tried wiping the scratches with no change in appearance. You must take the clock apart and replace the screen.
  • Below is a link to Sony ICF-C1T Screen Replacement.

A lot of static or bad audio comes through the radio

  • Many metal objects, such as a desk, can interfere with the reception and disrupt the frequencies to the radio
  • Other undesirable locations include near any magnetic objects (computer) or phones. Both can disrupt the reception of the radio.
  • In some cases, the radio just needs to be adjusted to which direction it is facing to receive a better signal
  • The power cord/antenna does retract into the radio, be sure it is fully extended before proceeding to any more complicated steps.
  • This is also the AC power cord, so make sure that the radio is disconnected before disassembling the electronic device. Here is a guide to help you Sony ICF-C1T AC Powercord Replacement.
  • Adjust tuner dial to your favorite radio station. If nothing but static comes through, move to next step.
  • Open clock up and ensure the tuner dial is in the position it is supposed to be before moving onto the more invasive step of replacing it.

The alarm is on, but the radio is non-responsive.

  • The first most simple solution is to check the volume and make sure it is turned up more towards the "+" side from the "+/-" knob.
  • The switch for each alarm (A and B) can either be set to buzzer or radio to emit desired sound for the alarm. Check to make sure that you have it at your desired setting before proceeding with further, more invasive measures.
  • Please be sure to sell your broken product for parts so that someone else using the iFixit website could potentially fix a problem they are having with theirs in the future.


Hi, I have plug my SONY ICT-C1T into 220vac and the display gone. What to do now

Shahid - 回复

Hey Shahid, I have the same problem. Did you figure out a solution ?

Varun Rishi -

It seems that if you push a bit to strong on the front button, the Circuit board breaks. That was my problem.

Gilles MARTIN - 回复


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