No matter what you do, your phone will not turn on.

  1. Try charging the phone.
  2. Make sure battery is properly oriented.
  3. Replace the battery.
  4. Check buttons to see if they need replacement or have damage. (see Step 4)

Samsung Portable Dualband Tri-Mode Battery Replacement

There is an echoing sound when you use your phone.

  1. Make sure the echo is not due to using the phone a small enclosed area.
  2. Make sure the echo is not caused by a lack of signal by checking the signal bar on the phone.
  3. If there is an echoing sound, try replacing the speaker.

Samsung Portable Dualband Tri-Mode External Speaker Replacement

The volume is too low or different from the regular volume.

  1. Make sure the sound is turned up.
  2. Try replacing the speaker.

Samsung Portable Dualband Tri-Mode Internal Speaker Replacement

Some or all of the buttons do not respond or do something different from their actual purpose.

  1. Check to see that phone is adequately charged.
  2. Check to see if buttons are clean or if anything is obstructing the keypad.
  3. Check the buttons and the keypad to see if they are damaged or need to be replaced.
  4. If unresponsive, replace keypad buttons.

Samsung Portable Dualband Tri-Mode Keypad Replacement

Replace antenna.

Samsung Portable Dualband Tri-Mode Antenna Replacement

Replace front flip plate.

Replace screen.

Samsung Portable Dualband Tri-Mode Motherboard Replacement

Replace connection covers.



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