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Oregon Scientific Meep! X2 Troubleshooting

This is a children's tablet manufactured by Oregon Scientific. It is distinguishable by its bright orange bumpers and was released in 2013.

Oregon Scientific Meep! X2 Won’t Turn On ¶ 

No matter what you do, you can’t get your Meep! X2 to turn on.

Jammed Power Button ¶ 

The button feels jammed when you try to push down on it. If the button is jammed there may be some sort of debris blocking the power button from being pressed. Use this guide to help figure out what might be the problem.

Drained/Bad Battery ¶ 

Plug the Meep! X2 in to its charger and let it charge until it is full. If it is fully charged but it will not turn on, then this might mean that the battery is no longer holding any charge and will have to be replaced.This guide will help you with replacing the battery.

Faulty Screen ¶ 

If you press down the power button on the Meep! X2 and you are able to hear a sound but unable to see anything on your screen, then it might indicate that the display on your device is faulty and needs to be replaced. This guide will help you replace the display.

Broken Screen ¶ 

If the screen on your Meep! X2 is completely shattered, then no images will appear on it and the screen must be replaced. This guide will help you replace the screen.

No Sound Comes From The Device ¶ 

Although you are sure that your device is on, you are not able to hear any sound.

Volume Is Turned Off ¶ 

The first thing to do is to check if the volume on you Meep! X2 is turned down. If this is the case turn it up using the volume button.

Camera Pictures Are Black ¶ 

All of the pictures that you take come out black.

Dirty Camera ¶ 

When you open the camera application on your Meep! X2, the screen appears to be almost completely black. Before you try tearing open your Meep! X2 and changing a part in it, check if there isn’t anything blocking the camera. Make sure that the camera is clean of all dirt or debris.

Broken Camera ¶ 

You cleaned the camera on your Meep! X2 but you are still getting pictures that are completely black. This might mean the camera on your device is not working. If this is the case, then the camera will have to be replaced. This guide will help you replace the camera.

No Video Feed To The TV ¶ 

When I plug my Meep! X2 to a TV, there is no signal to my television.

Dirty HDMI Cable ¶ 

When you looked over the cable you did not find any cuts on the cable but you did find that the end of the cable was dirty. With prolonged exposure to dust, there was a lot of dust in the cable ports, making it unresponsive. You may need to use a compressed air duster to blow out whatever may be causing the blockage.

Broken HDMI Cable ¶ 

You looked over the entire cable and found that one of the port ends on the cable has become loose. If one or both of the port ends on the cable are loose, then the cable might not transmit the signal and the TV will not receive the signal. Use another HDMI cable.

Bad HDMI Ports On TV ¶ 

If you have used different HDMI cables and are still not receiving a signal on your TV, there is one more thing to do before you conduct surgery on your device. Try to connect your Meep! X2 to another TV and check if a signal was sent. If a signal is established between your Meep! X2 and the TV, then that means that the fault was not with the Meep!x2 but with the first TV used.

Screen Is Unresponsive ¶ 

Your device turns on but does not respond when you tap buttons on the screen.

Faulty Touch Sensors ¶ 

If your device doesn’t respond to any touch commands, you might need to replace the screen. This guide will help you.

Device Is Frozen ¶ 

The device may be unresponsive because it is frozen. Don’t thaw it in your microwave, remove the left silicon bumper and press the small reset button on the back of the device.

Microphone Functions Won’t Work ¶ 

Your device doesn’t seem to be accepting any vocal inputs. Yelling at it gives no results.

Built-In Microphone Doesn’t Work ¶ 

If your built-in microphone seems to be malfunctioning and you have made sure that it isn’t being blocked, it may need to be replaced. Use this guide to help replace your built-in microphone.

Microphone Jack Is Blocked ¶ 

Problems with your microphone may be the result of dust or debris getting in the way of the microphone making a connection with the device. You may need to use a compressed air duster to blow out whatever may be causing the blockage.

Microphone Isn’t Plugged In ¶ 

If your microphone is not working or is working poorly make sure that your microphone is properly plugged in to the microphone jack on the device.

The External Microphone Is Broken ¶ 

If your microphone isn’t working it may be that the mic, itself, is damaged and needs to be replaced. Check your local electronics retailer for a replacement microphone.


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