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Nokia Lumia 635 Troubleshooting

Released June 2014, identified by model 635.

Nokia Lumia 635 won't turn on ¶ 

No matter what you do, you can't get your Nokia Lumia 635 to turn on.

Drained/bad battery ¶ 

If your Nokia Lumia 635 won't turn on, especially if it has not been used recently, you may simply have a drained battery. Plug your Nokia Lumia 635 into your computer or AC adapter and see if anything happens. Make sure to use only Microsoft Mobile approved chargers designated for the Nokia Lumia 635 or you can also use a compatible USB cable to charge your battery. Ideally your Nokia Lumia 635 will recognize it has been connected to a power source and charge its battery. You can double check your phone recognizes that the battery is being charged because seconds after you connect the device to the charger it gives a little vibration and the screen shows a "battery charging" symbol. If your Nokia Lumia 635 will no longer charge, the battery must be replaced following this guide Battery Replacement. You can purchase affordable batteries online.

Bad display ¶ 

It is possible that it appears nothing is happening because the display is bad. If you hold the Nokia Lumia 635 up to your ear you should be able to hear the hard drive spinning and feel it vibrate. If the Nokia Lumia 635 sounds like it is working properly but nothing is visible, it is possible the display is bad and must be replaced.

Bad Power button connection ¶ 

If the Power button is not seated correctly, it is possible that the Nokia Lumia 635 will not turn on. Be sure that the bar on the Power button is completely flipped down to ensure a positive connection.

No audio or distorted audio ¶ 

Your Nokia Lumia 635 turns on and appears to work, but when you plug in headphones or speakers, the audio doesn't play properly.

Bad headphones/speakers ¶ 

It's unlikely your headphones or speakers are bad, but it's worthwhile to eliminate these as the source of your problem at the beginning. Try your Nokia Lumia 635 with another set of headphones or speakers just to make sure that the problem is with the Nokia Lumia 635.

Bad audio jack ¶ 

The most likely cause of audio output problems on Nokia Lumia 635 is a bad audio-out jack. You can purchase a new headphone jack and replace it by following this guide to Audio Jack Replacement.

Malfunctioning Camera ¶ 

Your Nokia Lumia 635's camera is not working

Low Battery ¶ 

Your phone will not let you access the camera if it has a low battery. Sometimes the camera will open but the flash will not function. It is possible this is due to the fact that you have low battery. Make sure the phone is at least over 20% charged.

Missing Camera Icon ¶ 

It is possible that the camera icon is unpinned from the task menu. You have to scroll to the bottom of the task menu and click on the right arrow. Then scroll down until you reach the camera icon, hold it, and then click on 'pin to start'. Your camera is now available on the task menu.

Broken Camera ¶ 

After discarding the previous problems, it is possible that the Nokia Lumia 635's camera could be broken. You would need to purchase a new camera, and if you want to replace it by yourself click on this guide for Camera Repacement.

Cracked Screen ¶ 

Your phone's screen is scratched, cracked, or completely broken

Assure malfunctioning screen ¶ 

Turn on your phone and make sure you can actually see something on the screen, even if it is not recognizable because of the broken screen you should be able to at least see the light coming off your screen. If you do not see anything, the most probable defect is that the motherboard of your Nokia Lumia 635 is burnt. Follow this guide to Motherboard Replacement.

Screen Replacement ¶ 

You will need to purchase a new screen and replace it. If you want to replace it by yourself click here.

Case Replacement ¶ 

My phone case is broken or you want to change the case color

New Case ¶ 

You have to purchase a new case. Make sure you have the appropriate tools so you do not damage the case when removing it. Once you are ready, take off the back case and replace it with the new one, follow this Case Replacement guide.


I have a Nokia lumia 635 and my charger use to go in all the way now it doesn't can anybody tell me how to fix this

Dazohn Jones - 回复

I hate to break it to you, but the Nokia Lumia 635 doesn't have a hard drive in it. It's been years since they've made hard drives with that little storage capacity.

Quinton Banas - 回复

very true thats like in the OLD OLD ipods

Dylan Didio -

My Nokia 635 won't turn off. Well it does but then comes on again by itself. Any ideas??

emma Elder - 回复

I can turn my phone off using the power button just fine but I can't turn back with it or use the button for sleep mode either..... Really weird. Any ideas? Could it be software?

strayfiend1313 - 回复

I can turn my nokia635 off using the power button normally. It will not turn it back on using the button though it will not sleep using it either...... No one has this problem that I've seen. Could it be a setting or software problem?

strayfiend1313 - 回复

I turn my Lumia 635 on and when my screen display close it power off on its on.Having to re power phone everytime screen saver close.

alroemer - 回复

My lumia 635 doesnt seem to b charging anymore i jus bought the battery like last month two weeks ago my charger broke so i had to wait for a new one. Now i keep puttin different wires in the charger it gets hot for every phone but the 635. Any ideas y? I havent charged it in weeks is that y it wont vibrate right away cuz its beyond dead? I jus need some ideas.

mysexcylove - 回复

I have a Nokia 635, the facility to store latest ohone calls to and from phone and texts has suddenly stopped being held in history. Phone still makes and receives calls and texts just does not store them, ie you cannot see who has just rang you if you miss the call? Help..

brian.simps - 回复

My Nokia 635 suddenly can not update AOL mails (not Gmails), I turn off the phone and turn on, also delete AOL acct , then add it on, nothing worked. I was told may need reset the phone, how to do it?

ellencing - 回复


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