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JBL Pulse Troubleshooting

Released 2013, identified by model number JBLPULSEBLKAM

The buttons that control the operations of the device do nothing when pressed.

If the battery is charged but the buttons when pressed do not do anything, the button circuit board may be faulty. Considering replacing the button board. For information on how to access the button board for replacement, please follow this guide.

The sound from the speakers is fuzzy, unclear, or of poor quality.

If sound quality is poor or nonexistent through auxiliary input and Bluetooth pairing then the speakers may be faulty. Consider replacing the speakers. To replace the speakers, please follow this guide.

The lights are not on or are not displaying correctly.

If the device is playing music, however, the lights are not functioning, then your lights may be faulty. Consider replacing the LCD panel. To replace the LCD panel, please follow this guide.

If the lights do turn on, however, they are not moving or changing then the motherboard may be faulty. Consider replacing the motherboard. To replace the motherboard, please follow this guide.

There is damage or irregularity on the casing surrounding the speaker.

If the speaker casing has any noticeable damage or irregularities then you may want to replace the casing. To replace the speaker casing, visit this guide.


Battery will not hold charge

Tim Lewis - 回复

How do I use the Bluetooth with my new phone? It worked with my Galaxy but not with my J3.

Anthony Richardson - 回复

it seems the volume on this unit is very low; there were no issues prior to this, and the unit was secure, and did have a huge sound reproduction, until lately. any answers? thnx Dennis

Dennis Young - 回复

my battery lights are on but the speaker won't turn on. please help

Arundhuti Bhaumik - 回复


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