The keyboard will not turn on ¶ 

Bad power supply ¶ 

Check to see if your cord is plugged into a working powered outlet. Also check your batteries to see if they're dead or in the incorrect orientation. If they aren't in the correct orientation line them up in one direction: "+" towards "+" and "-" towards "-".

Damaged power cord ¶ 

If you're not using batteries, you may have a damaged power cord. Check for any tears in the cord. If you discover a tear, electrical tape will temporarily fix this problem.

Electrical Tape can be found at any hardware store. Once you have it, wrap it around the tear on the cord.

Call your local maintenance store for any further assistance.

Broken internal connection ¶ 

If the keyboard is plugged in to a working outlet, the batteries are fresh, or your cord is not damaged and the problem persists, then you have a bad internal connection. Meaning there is a damaged electrical wire within the board. Refer to one of our CTK-501 installation guides to open the device.

There is no sound ¶ 

Bad power supply ¶ 

Check if the keyboard is plugged in to a working outlet. If it isn't plugged in check the batteries on the under the back panel.

Bad speaker ¶ 

One or both of your speakers could be damaged. See our Casio CTK-501 Speaker Replacement installation guide.

Bad wire connection ¶ 

An electrical wire attached to the speaker may also be damaged. Casio CTK-501 Speaker Replacement installation guide will help you replace any damaged wire connection.

Dirty or missing internal bud ¶ 

Underneath each key, within the keyboard, is a blue rubber bud. It looks like the rubber piece at the tip small headphones. This blue rubber bud is responsible for communicating with the computer chips within the board. If it is missing than there will be no sound. Refer to Casio CTK-501 Keys Replacement to help fix the problem.

The LCD screen is not functioning ¶ 

Bad power supply ¶ 

See if your keyboard is plugged in to a working outlet.

Damaged LCD screen ¶ 

Your LCD screen maybe damaged. Go to our Casio CTK-501 LCD Screen Replacement installation guide to replace your LCD screen.

The Keys are stuck or stiff ¶ 

Internal problem with the keys ¶ 

First, see if there is anything obstructing the key's movement externally. If not this is most likely an internal problem. There could be a build up of dirt or debris within the keyboard near the keys. Refer to Casio CTK-501 LCD Screen Replacement installation guide to help fix the problem.


We have a casio WK1200 keyboard at school and the pin in the 12v power jack has broken do you have any ideas where i can get one.Have tried marlins but they don't sell them.

Gary Hancock - 回复

I have one of these, and it is tuned wrong. The C key plays exactly halfway between a C and a C#

meh.kirby - 回复

I have a CTK-411 and my piano isn't working. I have tried to replace the batteries however this had no impact. The screen wont turn and and no sound comes out, nothing seems to work at all. What can I do? Thank you

Guppy Anderson - 回复

Casio CTK-501 LCD Screen

where can I get a replacement?

Sherry Christian - 回复

I own a Casio CTK-560L and it is stuck on max volume and the volume buttons do not do anything. Is there any way to fix this?

StrongRuler - 回复

In my experience, this has often been due to dirt or some liquid. Do Not use contact cleaner near any of the rubber parts! However do gently wash the circuit boards and examine the connections. Once on a Casio, I knew coffee got into the volume knob area, and it stopped working. ON a hunch, Casio sent me a replacement part (well, a little group of parts), and it fixed the problem. I had to replace the little PCB that housed the volume stuff. It was a $600 keyboard so it was worth it. Look for sticky ness or water damage and then contact Casio!

michaeldurek - 回复


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