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You can't get your camera to turn on.

Your camera should have come with a charging cable when you purchased the camera. Use this charger by plugging it into the wall adapter and into the charging port located on the side of your camera.

If it doesn't charge with the charging cable described above, the battery needs to be replaced.

Check the charger for debris and look for damage, and try charging again. If that doesn't work, you will need to replace the charger.

The camera stores picture on its memory card. The camera should come with one, but if it is full, you will need to insert a new one. Follow our Memory Card Replacement Guide here to remove the memory card so that the pictures can be imported and saved to a computer.

"The LCD display screen got cracked or has rows of discolored pixels when you turn it on."

If the LCD screen is badly damaged, you will need to replace the entire screen.

Ensure that your camera and battery are charged. Then try turning the camera off and back on again.

If the screen remains discolored or the display is missing a row of pixels, but the imported images are fine, there is a problem is a screen and you can follow our Screen Replacement Guide

If a row of pixels appear on the display and the picture image when imported, the problem is with the camera, and not the screen. At this point, there could be many possible issues with the camera, and diagnosis may be very difficult.

"After you have recorded a video and played it back, you don't hear the sound. Or the camera is not making any start up sounds, beeps or clicks when using."

First, ensure that your volume is turned up on the playback. Also check that the camera's sound is not turned off in the camera's video settings. If it was, turn in on and try re-shooting the video.

Upload the video to a computer and try playing it. if it does not have sound, the sound settings were muted. If the sound plays on the computer, but not the camera, the speaker is not working.

After you have check the sound settings and volume, and ensured that the camera's settings should allow you to be picking up sound, the problem may be with the speaker. If microphone replacement is necessary, follow our Speaker Replacement Guide

First check the video sound settings and volume to ensure that the camera was set to record sound. Also check to see if the camera is making noise when turned on and taking pictures, to ensure that the problem is not with the speaker as described above. If these were all on correctly and the videos don't have sound when played on the camera or a computer, there is a problem with the camera's microphone.

If you still have sound, but it is distorted, then the problem may be with your speaker. Follow our Speaker Replacement Guide to replace the damaged speaker.

For most replacement guides, you will need to disassemble your camera case, a guide to do so is here.



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