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Brother PT-1010 Troubleshooting

Brother P-touch Electronic Labeling System, identified by model number PT-1010.

The Label Maker Will Not Turn On ¶ 

Your label maker won’t turn on even if you press the power key.

Dead/Weak Battery ¶ 

If your label maker won’t turn on, you should make sure the batteries are not dead or about to run out. Replace the old batteries with six new AAA batteries. Make sure you replace them properly using this Battery Replacement Guide.

Check the upper battery terminals. Ensure that the terminals have not become compressed. If possible, pull the terminals away so that the batteries on the upper level are held firmly. I did this and with new batteries, the unit powered on.

Dead Adapter ¶ 

If the screen stays blank after you have tried to turn on the machine, and the AC adapter is connected, there might be a problem with AD-24 AC adapter. Replace adapter with a new one.

Machine Does Not Print ¶ 

When trying to print no label will come out.

Cassette is Empty ¶ 

If you try printing your label but no label will come out or it did not print everything you typed out the tape cassette may be empty. Replace tape cartridge using Cassette Replacement Guide.

Cassette is Missing ¶ 

If screen reads "no cassette" first check that the tape cassette is inserted correctly. If there is no tape cassette, insert a new one, see our Cassette Replacement Guide. Make sure tape compartment cover is closed properly.

Tape Will Not Cut ¶ 

Cutter blade will not properly cut the tape or will not cut at all.

Dull Cutter Blade ¶ 

If the tape won't cut properly or it is difficult to cut the label then they cutter blade may be dull, replace cutter blade.

Label Gets Stuck When Attempting to Print ¶ 

The Paper is Jammed Within the Unit

Cassette is Improperly Inserted ¶ 

If the cassette tape is not inserted properly in the unit it will jam. If the cutter seems stiff while not printing it is probably jammed. See our guide for replacing the cassette properly.

Tape is Fed Incorrectly ¶ 

If the label is not printing properly or comes out wrinkled check to make sure the tape is fed through tape guides on the cassette. If the tape is not correctly fed correctly it will not print properly. Make sure the ends of the tape feed under the tape guides.

Cutter is Dull ¶ 

With repeated use tape can build up on the blade causing it to dull and jam. To clean the tape cutter wipe the blade with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. If necessary, see Cutter blade Replacement Guide.

Buttons Do Not Work ¶ 

The Keyboard Buttons are Sticky or do not Respond.

Pressed Buttons Do Not Appear on Screen ¶ 

If you are pushing the buttons on the keyboard but no text shows up on the screen, the keyboard may be damaged and need to be replaced. See Keyboard Replacement Guide.


Didn't provide solution for my P touch which turns on and show label on screen, but doesn't print.

Mary Pickard - 回复

I'm having the same problem and cannot find a solution anywhere, this article was totally useless.

Sara Mullaney -

Same with me.

Gee Aich -

Tried new batteries, & 4 different label cartridges, shows the printed label info on screen, but prints so light for part of it, you cant read it.

triciag51 - 回复

my machine dosen't come on ever with new batteries what do i do ca someone repair it

trust - 回复

My machine just keeps saying "SLD X" and will not do anything else

Rhea Mckenna - 回复

Did you ever get it fixed? Mine says that and i dont no what to do

Stephanie West -

I own a home & hobby III and i put the tape in correctly and when i print the tape doesn't come out when the tape is new.

William Erbes - 回复

I have upgraded all the newest versions and now cannot find my original labels. Looks like the all disappeared. bbailey

Barbara Bailey - 回复

I have a brother P-touch 80 and when i turn it on "SLD X" comes up on the screen, and then none of the buttons work I cant even turn it off. How do I fix this?

rafaela - 回复

What a waste of time my does not turn on even that I changed the batteries no other solution given

Lisa Menhenitt - 回复

Same problem as everyone else. The batteries are good, I can hear the little motor running, but the tape doesn’t feed and the machine doesn’t print. Surprising that no one from Brother has made a suggestion. They are probably laying low because they know it is a piece of junk.

Lester Stoller -

Mine stopped charging. Got new charger and new battery an still same way. Other than that its still working fine. Anybody got a fix for it?

Jose Garcia - 回复

A white pc from the machine fell out. Unsure where it goes.

Jlfal - 回复

Check to make sure label length set to auto. Mine was set to 12 inches that is why it printed out blank. I saw 2 miniscule black dots on blank tape , this indicated to me it was still working. Changed length to auto, viola. Printing again.

flmusclegrrls - 回复


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