1. 卸下下列十个螺丝
    • 卸下下列十个螺丝

    • 3个 14.4 mm Phillips #00 螺丝

    • 3个 3.5 mm Phillips #00 螺丝

    • 4个 3.5 mm 肩部 Phillips #00 螺丝

    • 装回小螺丝时,将其垂直于外壳的轻微弯曲对齐(不是直着往下对齐的)。

    How much weight can I save by removing the optical drive?

    gunes314 - 回复

    You can save a lot of weight if lets say your installing a solid state drive or putting in a second hard drive but if you know that you use the CD/DVD disc drive a lot then you might just want to leave the drive alone.

    Marshall WahlstromHelgren -

    Tip: Use one of those weekday pill holders to have a cheep way to store screws you remove and each day of the week can be for different sizes or parts. It has been handy to have (much less expensive than the magnetic mat.

    Robert Wacker - 回复

    Hello, where can I buy the screws I need in case I lose one of them?

    taylornya - 回复

    I have one stripped screw... How opening without drill it?! Any suggestions please?

    rodrigosady - 回复

    I also stripped a couple screws. I wasn’t able to open it up without drilling. After drilling the heads and removing the cover it was easy to hacksaw the tip and unscrew with a standard driver.

    Michael Wilkens -

    My top tip - make sure you buy good quality Phillips screwdrivers and a magnetic holder. Cheap screwdrivers won’t get the screws undone safely. Without a magnetic holder you have no chance of getting the tiny crews in and out safely.

    jeremyyoung - 回复

    A good Phillips 00 is your friend here. Also, when reinserting the screws, gently start anticlockwise and you wil feel a click at the start of the thread. This tells you you’re in the right place and less likely to cross-thread through force in the wrong place.

    Iain Boyd - 回复

  2. 使用手指从靠近MacBook 风扇处撬开背盖。 移走背盖、
    • 使用手指从靠近MacBook 风扇处撬开背盖。

    • 移走背盖、

  3. 使用撬棒边缘处来将电池连接器从逻辑板插座上撬起。 使用撬棒撬起连接器的两个“短边”有助于断开连接。 小心对连接器进行操作,连接器很容易断开。
    • 使用撬棒边缘处来将电池连接器从逻辑板插座上撬起。

    • 使用撬棒撬起连接器的两个“短边”有助于断开连接。 小心对连接器进行操作,连接器很容易断开。

    Is this step of removing the battery connector required?

    manodh - 回复

    yes - as with disassembly of any electronic component you have to remove any power source. You don't want to accidentally turn the Mac on

    khull -

    Prying the battery connector off does not take much force. I did exactly what the guide suggested (walked it off back and forth) with the spudger without any problems. Just be very gentle, much like with anything inside laptops, they are very fragile and need to be worked with carefully. A+ instructions, battery replacement was a success.

    aekinaka - 回复

    Be patient on disconnecting this one. It worked for me step by step, little by little.

    Phil Wagner - 回复

  4. 稍微弯折连接器,使其远离逻辑板,来确保您进行其他操作时不会意外的重新连接。
    • 稍微弯折连接器,使其远离逻辑板,来确保您进行其他操作时不会意外的重新连接。

    I put some tape between the connector and socket while working on the drive.

    Stephen Smith - 回复

    That's a good tip

    Anrothan -

    Great tip, I did that too

    Ahmed Mahran -

    One other note: The screw heads fit flush with the curvature of the case -- which means that they aren't exactly horizontal. In other words, they aren't perpendicular to the table that the computer is resting on. Don't try to force them straight in vertically, because you'll risk cross-threading them. (nearly ruined one screw hole myself!)

    lelandjordon - 回复

    On my MacBook Pro, the connector seems to be an integral part of the battery.

    Jerry South - 回复

  5. 使用撬棒的边缘,将风扇插头从逻辑板上的插座中撬出。 在线缆下扭动,可以更加轻松分离连接插头。 风扇的插座和插头可以参考第二三张图片。 确保在您径直撬动插头时不要将塑料插座从逻辑板上弄下来。 第二张逻辑板布局的俯视图有可能和您的机器有些许不同,因为机器的生产时间不同。 但是插座是相同的。
    • 使用撬棒的边缘,将风扇插头从逻辑板上的插座中撬出。

    • 在线缆下扭动,可以更加轻松分离连接插头。

    • 风扇的插座和插头可以参考第二三张图片。 确保在您径直撬动插头时不要将塑料插座从逻辑板上弄下来。 第二张逻辑板布局的俯视图有可能和您的机器有些许不同,因为机器的生产时间不同。 但是插座是相同的。

    I successfully soldered the fan connector back on for a friend. I used a small soldering iron (maybe 6-10 watts) and ground the tip down to a very fine point. Also used a magnifying light and very fine rosin core solder. I took my time and lined everything up and was careful not to heat any other junction unnecessarily.

    Scott Stanley - 回复

    Yup. Be careful on this one. I was trying to gently pry up and popped it off the socket. Computer working fine after replacing magsafe board, but no fan for cooling…

    Thomas Carr - 回复

    This one is really delicate, as pointed out.  Be careful if using the pointed end of a spudger NOT to dig down and under ….there’s a layer of plastic-y insulation that can be torn.  I accidentally gored it with the pointy end of a spudger and it was slightly ripped.  Fortunately, I was able to press it down and there was no problem when the cable was reinserted.

    Carolyn Ryan - 回复

    For less than $16 I ordered a new fan from amazon. Fans eventually start making noise. If they fail, your system could expire from heat. Consider simply replacing your fan since this model is now about five years old. Here’s link:


    airshack - 回复

    I used a guitar pick and gently wiggled underneath to lift it up and out of the socket. no damage! woo hoo! on to step 7!

    jcundy2 - 回复

    I simply skipped this step and left fan wire connected to logic board. Just unscrew screws from Step 6, put fan on the logic board and remove whole stuff togheter.

    paczor - 回复

    Thanks, I did that too,,

    a lot easier

    Ahmed Mahran -

    Yes, tricky. Insert the spudger just like in the photo. You won’t be able to dig it out out from any other side. Also, notice which side of the connector faces down into the socket: it is the side without the four shiny gold areas (again, just like in the photo).

    rmccord23 - 回复

  6. 移除下列三颗将风扇与逻辑板固定的螺丝。
    • 移除下列三颗将风扇与逻辑板固定的螺丝。

    • 一颗7.2mm T6梅花螺丝

    • 两颗5.3mm T6梅花螺丝

    These are T5 screws

    dbell316 - 回复

    I think so too, (maybe on a certain batch?) tried a T6 and its too big

    billytalentlovexo -

    I wasn’t able to open mine up. The heads looked like little triangles instead of hex torqx things. Is there a chart with the head shape of all the bits you can buy? I want to just get the one.

    Christopher Roode - 回复

    They might be tri point

    Daniele Carminati -

    they were T6 for me

    lamajr - 回复

  7. 将风扇从逻辑板上的凹槽中提出,注意可能被卡住的电缆。
    • 将风扇从逻辑板上的凹槽中提出,注意可能被卡住的电缆。

  8. 使用撬棒的尖端把扬声器电线拔出来。 用手把右边扬声器电线往上提,把接口取出主板。
    • 使用撬棒的尖端把扬声器电线拔出来。

    • 用手把右边扬声器电线往上提,把接口取出主板。

    Reminder: When replacing the cable the connector should be placed in from above. This fooled me and I damaged the seat a bit, but not enough to prevent proper connection.

    Lee Hughart - 回复

    Excellent guide, I feel this bit could be clearer tho. As it is a socket like a fan connector.

    Mine had a foam pad on the top like the other lift-up connections and I’ve accidentally taken the socket off.

    So just to be aware if your mac has the foam pad on top of this connection.

    acupton86 - 回复

  9. 从主板断开摄像头电线。
    • 从主板断开摄像头电线。

    • 把电线从主板上平行移开。如果仅仅网上拉可能会损坏主板电线。

    The camera cable head has bump at both sides. Just use two spudgers to pry it out.

    townbull - 回复

    thank you great suggestion

    Soham Thacker -

    Here's where the mid-2009 13" MacBook Pro 5,5 makes its first major departure from this guide. No such connection exists. At least nowhere I could find on the motherboard.

    Larry Horton - 回复

    IIRC the official service manual suggests putting the blunt or wide edge of a black-stick/spudger underneath the cable and then pressing down on said cable to provide better gripping force while pulling the cable out/away from the connector. It’s my tried-and-true method of choice.

    James - 回复

    Anyone has a data of this cable becausei brkoe it and i have an other same connector ??

    Mail : mr.leminecrafteur@gmail.com

    VARE - 回复

    Just broke this cable by pulling to hard. Definitely use a spudger to pry out the connector instead of pulling the cable.

    maxpoetter - 回复

    Same, any suggestion about its replacement?

    giovanni.billet - 回复

    Really grip those little bumps on the head with a pair of pliers and gently wiggle!

    moonsugar33 - 回复

    In case you need replacement parts for the broken cable : http://www.powerbookmedic.com/MacBook-Pr...

    To find out how to replace the cable, you can have a look at this tutorial : https://fr.ifixit.com/Tutoriel/Remplacem...

    Guillaume Lamaison - 回复

  10. 断开下面四条电线: AirPort/蓝牙电线
    • 断开下面四条电线:

    • AirPort/蓝牙电线

    • 光驱电线

    • 硬盘驱动电线

    • Trackpad 电线

    • 断开电线的时候,使用撬棒平头的一端,把接口从主板撬出来。

    On the mid-2009 13" MacBook Pro 5,5 the Airport/Bluetooth cable is different from the other three cables in this step. It's fabric wrapped, and its connection works in a fashion more like the display data cable connection, although it does not have a lock that releases by pulling a tab back over the cable. So, to those of you who are repairing this model, be careful. Prying upward is not the way to remove this cable. I played with it until I could detect which parts were moving which way and why. Although I can't say with precision how the connection works, I removed it by gently coaxing slightly up at an angle and back along the plane of the optical drive. The idea is to pull the cable back out of its socket while lifting slightly.

    Too bad we can't post photos in the comments.

    Larry Horton - 回复

    Same with the Mid 2010 model - moving the cable parallel to the board, towards the optical device works fine.

    Hans - 回复

    It is advised to tape all those connectors out of the way of the mainboard. Use paper tape or paper labels as you want to avoid the electrical discharge associated with peeling off of plastic tape.

    dbovey - 回复

  11. 使用手指把翻盖从键盘排线 ZIF 支架从抠出来。 确保你是抠在翻盖的边缘,而不是接口本身。 使用撬棒的一端把键盘排线从支架拉出来。
    • 使用手指把翻盖从键盘排线 ZIF 支架从抠出来。

    • 确保你是抠在翻盖的边缘,而不是接口本身。

    • 使用撬棒的一端把键盘排线从支架拉出来。

    Hello i've a late 2011 and have manged to break the keyboard ribbon cable ZIF socket. Is this a part that can be replaced? Ribbon is still good just the plastic has broken on the edge. Thanks

    Derek Cowan - 回复

    No, You'll need to replace the logic board. I'd probably just use a wired or bluetooth keyboard and put the money towards a new machine.

    maccentric -

    I ran into trouble reattaching the keyboard ribbon cable into the ZIF socket. I couldn't grasp it in a way that let me push it all the all back. A local repair guy told me his trick: use a piece of tape. Attach a piece of tape to the ribbon cable and make a tab so you can pull the cable into the socket. Use of a piece of tape that you can easily remove. Works like a charm.

    David - 回复

    Buy that man a pint! I've been working on computers professionally for a decade and I've never thought of that trick. Brilliant!

    Gryyphyn -

    Amazing this saved me!

    Felipe Cordero -

    You've saved me countless hours of crying trying to simply push it in

    Tunipguy -

    Thanks! This saved me hours!

    Marc Steffen -

    Thank you so much. Very clever idea that works like a charm!

    Todd Walls -

    Thank you so much! After 15 minutes of frustration, it inserted in less than 5 seconds.

    Todd Walls -

    After I put it all back together, the keyboard didn’t work; I traced it to this cable not being plugged in all the way. I used the tape trick to coax it all the way in to seat well and it works like a charm.

    Ruedi Schubarth - 回复

    Thanks for the tip about keyboard ribbon, saved me a major headache

    domhnallk - 回复

    It’s worth pointing out that the lever to lift this is at the back of the connector and that you’re pulling it towards yourself - this then releases the plastic on top of the cable that’s holding it in place.

    Nick Watts - 回复

    The tape tirck saved my bacon!! Thank YOU!

    Jonathan Davis - 回复

    Thanks so much. This trick saved the day!!!!

    Rafael Giuliano - 回复

    It is advised to tape this connectors out of the way of the mainboard. Use paper tape or paper labels as you want to avoid the electrical discharge associated with peeling off of plastic tape.

    dbovey - 回复

  12. 如果有小条的黑胶带,把它从键盘的背光电线支架里移除。
    • 如果有小条的黑胶带,把它从键盘的背光电线支架里移除。

    The bottom of the small strip has excellent adhesive which will re-stick upon reassembly without any problems. I handled the sticky side and even stuck it to a plastic tray without any issues. Which is to say the sticky-ness does not seem to wear off.

    airshack - 回复

    This is the most difficult ribbon cable to reinsert. As noted in the comments for the keyboard ribbon cable above I’d recommend also using a a small piece of tape to help reinsert.

    Bill Kirby - 回复

    I used Blu-Tac on the end of my spudger to provide a gentle grip to get it to slide in.

    moonsugar33 - 回复

    It is advised to tape this connectors out of the way of the mainboard. Use paper tape or paper labels as you want to avoid the electrical discharge associated with peeling off of plastic tape.

    dbovey - 回复

  13. 使用撬棒或你的指甲把剩下的翻盖从键盘背光电线 ZIF 支架中解救出来。 确保你撬的是翻盖连接处,而不是支架本身。 把键盘背光电线拉出支架。
    • 使用撬棒或你的指甲把剩下的翻盖从键盘背光电线 ZIF 支架中解救出来。

    • 确保你撬的是翻盖连接处,而不是支架本身。

    • 把键盘背光电线拉出支架。

    The first time I reassembled the system I left this tiny ribbon connector under the logic board by accident. If your keyboard backlight no longer works after reassembly it’s because you forgot to reattach this small connector. Fortunately, I caught my mistake before securing the logic board screws. It’s an easy to miss item.

    airshack - 回复

    It is advised to tape this connectors out of the way of the mainboard. Use paper tape or paper labels as you want to avoid the electrical discharge associated with peeling off of plastic tape.

    dbovey - 回复

  14. 使用撬棒平头的一端把睡眠感应器/电池指示接口从支架中撬出来。
    • 使用撬棒平头的一端把睡眠感应器/电池指示接口从支架中撬出来。

    the sleep sensor/battery indicator were not included with my new case, i had to transfer them over from my old case. once the battery is out (step 22), you can see the three screws you need to remove in order to take it out. it’s also secured by adhesive. the button for the battery indicator will likely fall out (at least it did on mine) when you remove the board, so be careful not to lose it…my new case did come with the button for the battery indicator (even though it didn’t come with the board or cable), but i just re-used the old one.

    Matt - 回复

    I forgot to place this tiny flex cable on top of the mainboard, and tried to recover it from under (lazy!) so I broke it.

    In general I would tape all those connectors out of the way of the mainboard. Use paper tape or paper labels as you want to avoid the electrical discharge associated with peeling off of plastic tape.

    dbovey - 回复

    Update: the computer works even without this feature. Of course the led battery indicator does not work, but it is not a big loss.

    dbovey - 回复

  15. 拉出固定显示屏数据线的塑料拉条。 把显示屏数据线从主板支架直接拉出来。 不要向上拉起显示屏数据线,因为支架非常脆弱。像主板平行的方向拉动电线。
    • 拉出固定显示屏数据线的塑料拉条。

    • 把显示屏数据线从主板支架直接拉出来。

    • 不要向上拉起显示屏数据线,因为支架非常脆弱。像主板平行的方向拉动电线。

    Its quite delicate, pull gently and it will pop out with a slight clicking sound

    Leo Jose - 回复

    On my mid-2009 13" MacBook Pro 5,5 the display data cable was square with the motherboard, rather than at an angle. I'm not experienced with working on computer connections, but if I were going to describe this procedure, it would be more like:

    "Grasp the plastic tab on the end of the display data cable connection, and pull it gently back over the cable, toward the DC-in board. The tab is connected to a flat rectangular 'ring' that locks the cable to its connection, and when you pull the tab, the rectangular lock will flip back over the cable, allowing the cable to be removed by pulling the same direction, parallel to the surface of the motherboard."

    Larry Horton - 回复

    Exactly the same as on the Mid2010 Model - never pull up, always parallel to the board, using the spudger to keep the cable down might helpfull while pulling with fingers the cable towards DC-In at the right side.

    Hans -

    My display is not working after reassemble the mac.

    Any reason?

    Nitin Sonwal - 回复

    I had the same problem, and it was solved by slightly unscrewing the 14.4 mm screw that sits nearest the ESC button (upper left hand side, if the computer is open as if you’re using it). All the way screwed in, and the display conks out (something must be getting pinched). Slightly loosened, and the display immediately came back!

    Shannon Maguire -

    I choose not to remove this, just laid the board over. Worked just fine.

    Justin Patterson - 回复

    I second this. It’s quite easy to leave this connection in place. The board flips over nicely, and everything is still accessible.

    Steven Weeks -

    I used my phone to photograph the entire underside of the Macbook Pro before I started removing things. This photo helped augment the excellent photos here. Take a few close-ups of each section/item before disassembly to reference upon assembly.

    airshack - 回复

    when reattaching the display cable, i used the spudger to tuck the spongy top flap underneath the cable lock, so that i could then get the cable lock down the entire way. i couldn’t get it under there (and get the lock closed) without it, the top part of the display cable blocked it.

    Matt - 回复

    When replaced the logic board when reassembled lap top screens not working. Saw others similar issues plugged in my monitor it’s working great must have messed up any ideas how to fix?

    Wayne McCarthy - 回复

    Hi Wayne, and Michael! I had the same problem, and it was solved by slightly unscrewing the 14.4 mm screw that sits nearest the ESC button (upper left hand side, if the computer is open as if you’re using it). All the way screwed in, and the display conks out (something must be getting pinched). Slightly loosened, and the display immediately came back! —Shannon

    Shannon Maguire -

    My display is not working after I put everything back together, can hear the macbook chime. Tried shining light onto the display, see nothing. Tried loosening the screw slightly like someone suggested here, that does not help either. Tried cleaning the contacts of the LVDS cable, nothing. Any help appreciated.

    Don Seenu - 回复

  16. 移除以下九颗螺丝:
    • 移除以下九颗螺丝:

    • 五颗 3.6 mm T6 Torx 螺丝

    • 两颗 4.3 mm T6 Torx 螺丝

    • 两颗 7.2 mm T6 Torx 螺丝

    2 of the 7 listed 4mm screws attaching the logic board are actually 4.5 or 5 mm.... unfortunately. I didn't notice that until I was reassembling. so I don't know which positions they came from.

    starf1970 - 回复

    I'm just noticing this too... I've put the longer screws as the two on the far left of the picture because they seemed to be the two holes I couldn't see the bottom to.

    ForumHermit -

    Just took one apart and paid attention this time. On this Mac, the screws colored orange should be red, and the 2 screws on the left side of the board should be orange (they’re a bit longer).

    maccentric -

    For keeping the screws straight I drew a simple diagram and placed them on it head down/threads up in their respective positions. Then all screws went back into their original positions without any guess work. Another suggestion I have during assembly is to start the screws without torquing them all the way down - leave them a little loose to allow some adjustment of the logic board for getting them all to line up with their holes, then torque them down. This technique also works for the screws on the bottom cover/lower case.

    Great guide! Saved me some dough, and now my MagSafe connector stays nice and cool.

    gregory mogle - 回复

    for me the two on the farthest left were the 4.3mm screws. otherwise all went as described

    Levi Hoover - 回复

    on something like this (like in iphones) i print the picture and place the screws on the picture. saves some problems and guessing.

    jeff chasalow - 回复

  17. 移除以下两颗螺丝: 一颗 8.6 mm 菲利普斯十字螺丝
    • 移除以下两颗螺丝:

    • 一颗 8.6 mm 菲利普斯十字螺丝

    • 一颗 5.5 mm 菲利普斯十字螺丝

    • 从上盖移除显示屏数据线。

    Definitely not necessary to remove this bracket. You can disconnect the mic from the logic board and not have to deal with this bracket.

    kc7gnm77 - 回复

  18. 使用撬棒一端从上盖黏胶里轻轻地剥离麦克风。
    • 使用撬棒一端从上盖黏胶里轻轻地剥离麦克风。

    Careful with this one. The wires are very thin fragile and it’s glued down very well making it extremely hard to remove. Just go slow and be patient otherwise you’ll damage the wires.

    Rob Kruit - 回复

    I finally got that mic out by gripping it between two spudgers like a pair of chopsticks and gently pulling it out at an angle. The rubber shroud on it makes the thing hard to grip, and when I finally pulled it free, part of the adhesive ring tore off and stayed stuck to the chassis. When reassembling the machine, I had to kind of squish it back into place. It doesn’t hold quite as well as it did before, but it seems fine.

    Thomas - 回复

    I managed to get the board out without prying the microphone off by twisting the board out while the microphone is still connected.

    You can then disconnect the microphone cable, which is a similar style connector to the fan cable and remove the board completely

    Alex - 回复

    Vraiment pénible cette déconnection, allez y gentiment et la colle partira.

    raph raph - 回复

    when reseating the logic board, first install the DC board in position and loosely seat the screws. then try to align the logic board to the 3.6mm screw housing closest to the firewire/ thunderbolt port and align the board to the ports and gently drop it into position. watch out for the cables that can get snagged under the board while seating it.

    Avocet Peregrine - 回复

  19. 小心边缘众多的接口,把主板从靠近光驱的一边提起来。
    • 小心边缘众多的接口,把主板从靠近光驱的一边提起来。

    • 把主板小心地从上盖揭出来。

    • 移除主板。

    I had the same issue. After wiggling the logic board back and forth and slowly applying more force, just up the threshold where I felt uncomfortable, it came out. The problem appeared to be caused by glue on the heatsink barcode sticking to the layer underneath.

    Shaun - 回复

    I did all this, and worked! .but Im wondering, has anybody unscrewed what seems to be a mini heatsink (black 1 inch square housing) on the integrated GPU? Could I re apply paste on that?

    tony perry - 回复

    I did make the change yesterday. inside it has a thermal pad, that appears to be 3mm or less. i try to clean on my best. I make a making a very tick pea size and added again. but i have no idea if it works or not. still having temps on 56c on idle. there is no much info on that. i use MX-4 from arctic. but i still, in my option, a little to for my use. if someone have more info on that part on the late 2011 i7 macbook pro 13inch please send the info.

    Carlos De Bernard -

    I did and applied Arctic Silver 5 underneath instead of the crap tape they put under there. This alone stopped the random freezing and rebooting problem I was having with this macbook pro. I recommend if you're already that deep into it, you might as well do it. I'm glad I did.

    ej257lgt -

    Need help. After I put everything back together, everything works fine but my macbook just wont charge. Any diagnosis on this? Anyone who can explain to me how the battery and the charging work in a Mac?

    justfinditjoshyip - 回复

    If this happened to me, I would first suspect I hadn't completely connected the DC-in board cable. If I hadn't just replaced the battery, I would wonder if the battery was good. MagSafe power cable connect connections fail too, especially if they've been attached for a long time to a red hot DC-in board.

    If those failed, I'd head to the genius bar!

    Larry Horton -

    I had this problem. I accidentally cut the a cable from the DC-in board and I had to buy this component and replace it. You have to be very careful when mounting back the logic board in its position to not get a cable from the DC-in board cut by the screws.

    Enrique Cerrillo Cuenca -

    I broke the black backlight shield.... be careful when you feel the logic board and the film underneath it seem stickinig togethre.

    EUNAE JO - 回复

    The fan exhaust grille was catching onto the speaker unit so I had to skip to step 28 to take it out. After taking out the airport card the speaker was able to move away from the fan grille and let me lift out the logic board.

    Antonio Cabrara (MrUnkownGuy) - 回复

    Also be sure to lift up the logic board to a slight angle so it clears the optical drive then pull it out gently at that angle. Do not pull it ulwards.

    Antonio Cabrara (MrUnkownGuy) - 回复

    The mainboard got stuck with the speaker and I can't lift it up. So I removed the first speaker screw (Wich is nearest to the mainboard) then I was able to remove the mainboard

    Mauricio Larrea - 回复

  20. 把麦克风线给先拆下来。
    • 把麦克风线给先拆下来。

  21. 移除盖住左边扬声器接口的小块黑胶布。
    • 移除盖住左边扬声器接口的小块黑胶布。

  22. 使用撬棒平头的一端撬动左边扬声器接口,把它从主板支架里撬出来。
    • 使用撬棒平头的一端撬动左边扬声器接口,把它从主板支架里撬出来。

    • 从线的底下开始向上撬。

  23. 仔细地把左边扬声器从固定的泡沫胶里撬出来。
    • 仔细地把左边扬声器从固定的泡沫胶里撬出来。

    • 移除左边扬声器。

  24. 拆下覆盖麦克风连接器的黑色胶带。
    • 拆下覆盖麦克风连接器的黑色胶带。

  25. 向上拉麦克风电路将其连接器从主板上的插座中提出。
    • 向上拉麦克风电路将其连接器从主板上的插座中提出。

    • 取下麦克风。

  26. 将MagSafe DC-in电路拉向散热器,将其与主板断开连接。
    • 将MagSafe DC-in电路拉向散热器,将其与主板断开连接。

    • 从主板取下DC-in。

    The grey plastic frame around the MagSafe connector pins will eventually crack and begin to deteriorate. I researched it with the Geeks at Apple and discovered it’s simply there for cosmetic reasons. If yours is cracked or loose feel free to remove and discard.

    airshack - 回复

  27. 拆下将散热器固定到主板上的三个8.4 mm#1十字螺丝。 不要丢失每个螺丝下的弹簧。
    • 拆下将散热器固定到主板上的三个8.4 mm#1十字螺丝。

    • 不要丢失每个螺丝下的弹簧。

    • 小心地从处理器中取出散热器。

    • 如果散热片似乎被卡住,用塑料撬棒轻轻地将其从处理器上撬开也许是有用的。 小心不要在撬动时破坏处理器上的任何表面贴装元件。

    • 在重新安装散热器之前,请确保清洁旧的热粘贴并应用新的层。 我们有一个简单易懂的指南。

  28. 将两个内存固定槽拉离内存条的中心。 内存条应该从其插座略微“弹出”。
    • 将两个内存固定槽拉离内存条的中心。

    • 内存条应该从其插座略微“弹出”。

    • 将内存条拉出其插座。

    • 重复此过程以取下第二个RAM芯片。

    • 逻辑板仍然存在。

    Reassembly is much easier if you take photos at each step prior to removing components. These extra photos augment the pictures you’ll find here. It’s always nice to see exactly how your system looked before you started messing with it! The top (edge by the screen) left and right corners get tricky unless you have close-ups of these areas for reference.

    airshack - 回复





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I decided to take out the logic board because I had a water problem. As you can problably guess all the componentes from both sides of the board, near the ventilation, were dirty with some green and white stuff so I cleand it all up with isopropilic alcohol. I assembeled it buck up and it turns on but it doesnt run the osx, screen doesnt turn on, you cant hear the welcome sound every time you turn on a mac and the only thing you can hear is the fan spinning faster and faster until it reaches its top speed and it stays like that. what can I do to fix it??

ezequiel - 回复

Three years later, the answer is that you need to reset your SMC.


is it possible to assemble the laptop completely without the unibody enclosure?

Grant Kendrick - 回复

Yes you can, but it would be unsafe for the macbook

Ryan -

Thanks for this!

Yesterday I embarked upon replacing the keyboard in mine for the 2nd time, and ripped out one of the connectors! After pouring over schematics, the board layout, etc. this guide told me exactly what connector it was; the webcam! This means I won’t be replacing it, since I run Linux the webcam drivers would not work anyway. This saves me a massive headache, microsoldering (Louise Rossman style) and probably breaking more things.

Fischer Lord - 回复

THANK YOU! This guide helped me do a teardown remove the motherboard and do a isopropyl alcohol bath and ultrasonic cleaning. My girlfriends macbook was exposed to water and this gave me a chance to save it! It lives!

jcundy2 - 回复

thank you! i was able to use this as a guide to getting all the way to replacing the keyboard. (which is worth a guide in and of itself). and if anyone has tips on removing stripped screws (heads stripped) iʻd love to learn them. iʻve run into that problem on at least two MBPʻs (battery, and keyboard).

Kahana - 回复

My MacBook won’t start up, it doesn’t even recognize the charger is attached. Logic board issue?

Bill Kim - 回复

Changement fini. Passage du core i5 au core i7. Malheureusement, je n’ai pas acheté la carte mère chez ifixit (i7) parce qu’ils n’en avaient plus. Je l’ai payé 600 dollars au lieu des 300. Ifixit est un très bon site complet, et d’une grande aide.

Alisier torminal - 回复

whats the compatible mid 2010 2.66GHz logic board, while this logic board out of stock?

Amthones - 回复



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