使用本指南来更换你的 HTC One M8 的电池。


  1. HTC One M8 更换电池, SIM(Subscriber Identity Module用户身份模块)卡: 步骤 1 中的图像 1,2 HTC One M8 更换电池, SIM(Subscriber Identity Module用户身份模块)卡: 步骤 1 中的图像 2,2
    • 将卡针或一个回形针插入SIM卡槽边的小孔,该孔位于手机左上侧。

    • 向孔内按下弹出卡槽。

    • 此操作可能需要施加较大的力量。

    I just successfully completed the battery replacement on m8 using this guide…thought I would add a comment at each step to follow my story. This step of course should be easy if you’ve put the phone back together.

    Ashley Keith (sc0rch3d) - 回复

    My HTC m8 doesn’t have a SIM card, and it might not have a micro SD card, since i can’t back anything up on it. Does not having the SIM card or the micro SD card matter in disassembly and reassembly?

    Lewwy Ignovoir - 回复

  2. HTC One M8 更换电池: 步骤 2 中的图像 1,1
    • 将SIM卡槽从手机充抽出。

    • 在重新安装SIM卡时,注意SIM卡的朝向与卡槽匹配。

    My phone have a problem from sim card rejected ,

    shola - 回复

    Another easy step if you have the right tool

    Ashley Keith (sc0rch3d) - 回复

  3. HTC One M8 更换电池, MicroSD卡: 步骤 3 中的图像 1,2 HTC One M8 更换电池, MicroSD卡: 步骤 3 中的图像 2,2
    • 用取卡针插入放置SIM卡或microSD卡附近的小口里,位于手机的右上方。

    • 按下弹出托盘。

    • 这可能需时一定的力度,但也不要用力过大。

    another easy step if you have the right tool

    Ashley Keith (sc0rch3d) - 回复

  4. HTC One M8 更换电池: 步骤 4 中的图像 1,1
    • 从HTC One M8中将microSD卡托盘组件取出。

    • 当插入的microSD卡,确保它是相对于托盘的合理位置。

    another easy step if you have the right tool

    Ashley Keith (sc0rch3d) - 回复

  5. HTC One M8 更换电池, 后盖: 步骤 5 中的图像 1,2 HTC One M8 更换电池, 后盖: 步骤 5 中的图像 2,2
    • 使用 iOpener 或热风枪来让扬声器上下网罩上胶水融化一些。

    • 参考iOpener 指南 来使用iOpener。

    I used a heat gun settings 200 at 75, but I also found using a hair dryer works just as well. Heated up the bezels came right off and for putting back on I heated it back up and they have stayed put.

    Jason Cobb - 回复

    I used a hair dryer for this which worked fine but I didn't need to heat it for as long as I did. 10-20 seconds is enough to start. I didn't realise how hot it would get so after heating for 90 seconds on high heat the phone was absolutely roasting and I've got two spots of heat damage on my screen. Still all works though luckily.

    Ian - 回复

    Disassembly: I did NOT use any heating elements. I have a straight edge razor (like you use to scrape off window decals). Gently push in 1 point of the straight edge and work in the rest of it. Then use a spudger slowly to remove the grills.

    Assembly: Enough adhesive should be left to reinstall the grill with no problem. Be careful align it perfectly then don’t be afraid to give a good push into place.

    Ashley Keith (sc0rch3d) - 回复

    What are the speaker grilles?

    Lewwy Ignovoir - 回复

  6. HTC One M8 更换电池: 步骤 6 中的图像 1,3 HTC One M8 更换电池: 步骤 6 中的图像 2,3 HTC One M8 更换电池: 步骤 6 中的图像 3,3
    • 使用塑料撬棒工具来轻轻撬起手机底部扬声器网罩。

    • 黏胶到处都是,可以使用专门去除黏胶的工具Goo-gone。

    Disassembly: I did NOT use any heating elements. I have a straight edge razor (like you use to scrape off window decals). Gently push in 1 point of the straight edge and work in the rest of it. Then use a spudger slowly to remove the grills.

    Assembly: Enough adhesive should be left to reinstall the grill with no problem. Be careful align it perfectly then don’t be afraid to give a good push into place.

    Ashley Keith (sc0rch3d) - 回复

    You need to get between the thin black rim and the grey speaker cover, not between the metal and the black rim.

    Nebuar - 回复

  7. HTC One M8 更换电池: 步骤 7 中的图像 1,2 HTC One M8 更换电池: 步骤 7 中的图像 2,2
    • 使用塑料撬棒工具轻轻撬起手机顶部的扬声器网罩。

    Be careful on these steps to not bend the grill while removing.

    Ashley Keith (sc0rch3d) - 回复

    What is the strip of tape for under the grill? Mine has snapped off completely

    crabonarock - 回复

  8. HTC One M8 更换电池: 步骤 8 中的图像 1,1
    • 移除顶部两颗银色 3 mm 菲利普十字 #00 螺丝。

    • 移除底部四颗黑色 T5 Torx 螺丝。

    The markers on step 8 were wrong. The 4 black TX screws are actually all in the bottom, while the silver screws are on top.

    WP7User - 回复

    Do yourself a favor and get a proper set of small screwdrivers including smaller Torx bits T5-T10 (especially with magnetism)…you’ll thank me later. Getting the cheap kits from Amazon or included in the order will likely not work or strip easy.

    Disassembly: be easy with the screws and don’t strip them. organize your workspace. i put the top screws next to my top speaker grill on the left of my workspace (and worked left to right…so that assembly was right to left) and bottom torx next to my bottom speaker grill.

    Assembly: be easy with the screws and don’t strip them. you will definitely feel the stopping point and don’t add extra torque.

    Ashley Keith (sc0rch3d) - 回复

    My 2 silver Phillips screws at the top are PH #000, not #00.

    At the top be careful about moving the camera lens cover.

    At the top and bottom, be careful about peeling or lifting off the speaker covers.

    Qrash - 回复

  9. HTC One M8 更换电池: 步骤 9 中的图像 1,3 HTC One M8 更换电池: 步骤 9 中的图像 2,3 HTC One M8 更换电池: 步骤 9 中的图像 3,3
    • 使用撬棒和撬片配合,来打开固定手机壳四周的夹扣。

    • 虽然图中使用的是金属撬棒,但最好使用塑料或尼龙质地的撬棒,避免损坏手机。

    • 注意不要碰到电源键:它在手机后壳上。

    • 大力才能撬开手机!

    Note: the pictures make it look like it's the glass the comes loose from the body. In fact, it's the metal shell the comes off, while all of the electronics are attached to the face. To get it started, you have to dig your spudger in between the metal shell and the little plastic rim that goes around the glass. I found it easiest to start in the middle, below the volume buttons.

    Kael Shipman - 回复

    I wish this was more clear in the picture. I ended up cracking my screen/digitiser trying to pry the glass open... the more you know!

    NzUddin -

    I tried starting by the volume buttons but was having no luck. I found starting just under the sim card worked best. Raising the whole side and the top up allowed the rest to come out. Be mindful of the charging port at the bottom and don't force the bottom out first but rather lift the top end out then the charger will clear. Same goes for putting back together. Charger port in first them push down on the sides and top.

    Jason Cobb - 回复

    I used guitar picks to wedge inside the case as I prised it open

    Ian - 回复

    Why do they design it to make it so difficult to replace the battery?

    Rich Hanes - 回复

    Disassembly: did not use any heating elements. used my straight edge razor near the top left side opposite the volume rocker (it should go in pretty far and worked until i heard the first clip pop. worked around the top and down the right side. as others mentioned, you’re getting the top loose then rocking out the unit to not screw up the charge port. DO NOT LOSE THE POWER BUTTON.

    Assembly: hold the shell with charge port up and place the power button (this keeps it from falling out while assembling). put charge port in first then slowly work your way around the side little by little. I started hearing the clips pop into place maybe as I working around the perimeter on the 3rd try. after that, give it some good force as the unit should almost be flush with the shell.

    Ashley Keith (sc0rch3d) - 回复

    After destroying the tip of three nylon spudgers, I would like to advocate using a METAL spudger, as shown in the picture. Just be careful to minimize scarring of the metal cover. But, the nylon spudger definitely is not strong enough to release the chassis, especially since these phones tend to be pretty old and set in their ways at this point in time. With a metal spudger, I was able to separate the back from the chassis in just a few minutes, after spending over 30 minutes failing with the nylon spudgers.

    christopher e m - 回复

    Not sure g enough for any of this work. Mine are nubs now. And left residue around the edges that I was trying to pry loose.

    loritankersley337 -

    Please tell me, how to put in the Power Button. It’s not symetrical.

    I would appreciate a picture of it in it’s housing or a discription.

    Th.Laahcs - 回复

    I found that on my HTC M8 the power button needs to be a shade to the left. You can figure it out on your model by looking for the button by using a Sim Card eject tool and pressing on the power button which on my model was covered by black tape. You’ll feel the button click/press once you find it - you can then determine if the button is a shade to the left or right when you line it up with the housing with no power button. Place the phone temporarily into the shell and you’ll be able to determine the button placement, this is how I did it.

    Hector Vera -

    I too also used a metal spudger on the left side opposite the volume rocker, that seems like a good spot to start.

    Hector Vera - 回复

  10. HTC One M8 更换电池, 主板: 步骤 10 中的图像 1,2 HTC One M8 更换电池, 主板: 步骤 10 中的图像 2,2
    • 移除把电池接口固定到母版的银色 2 mm 菲利普斯 #00 螺丝。

    • 使用塑料开机工具温柔地撬开电池接口。

    This caused a bit of grief for me on the reassembly. Be very mindful of the battery connector when installing the new battery. Look closely at the connector there is what appears to be a diode on the underside that needs to mate with proper contact to another diode on the motherboard. This is what actually allows communication between the phone and the motherboard. If this connection isn't mated properly you will get a 0% indicator on the screen and no charging occurring. Also the orange LED will flash 6 times and repeat. I suggest before placing the phone back together completely in the case to screw the motherboard back together and attach all ribbon cables and mate the battery. Then plug it in a charger and make sure you get proper battery communication and charging. DO NOT power on the phone at this point. Unplug the charger and put everything back together and you should be ok.

    Jason Cobb - 回复

    I have 2 of these devices and both had Philips #000 screws holding the battery connector in this picture. If the screw doesn’t catch and turn easy then try #000 or else you risk stripping the head.

    Stewart Diamond - 回复

    Jason Cobb’s tip is key. You saved me a lot of trouble, thank you! I didin’t get the connector mated properly at first, and that quick check let me find out. Got it the second time, the screen showed the battery percent and the normal charging screen.

    Eric P - 回复

    Disassembly - pretty easy, don’t strip the screws and use spudger. The pictures do not show that you might have a small rubber gasket on the screw closest to the charge port…KEEP IT. I also had a white wire that attached just above the charge connector.

    Assembly - as Jason said…the most frustrating part of assembly was getting that dang connector aligned into place. Put the white wire and gasket back in place before attempting. I gently used my fingernail until I felt it on the connector then had to give it a GOOD amount of force to pop in. then add the screws.

    Ashley Keith (sc0rch3d) - 回复

    Extra note on assembly - as mentioned above, this is a great spot to stop and connect to charger without powering on. you should get a solid orange light and charging icon / percentage on the screen. make it quick with the connect and disconnect

    Ashley Keith (sc0rch3d) - 回复

  11. HTC One M8 更换电池: 步骤 11 中的图像 1,3 HTC One M8 更换电池: 步骤 11 中的图像 2,3 HTC One M8 更换电池: 步骤 11 中的图像 3,3
    • 使用撬棒撬开两条(四条)天线。

    • 使用撬棒的尖端撬开七个 ZIF 接口。

    • 使用镊子轻轻地从接口拉出七条电线。

    All my connectors were covered in fibrous copper tape

    Karl Horton - 回复

    In mine, there were also two cables connecting at the top left of the motherboard to the daughterboard above as well, and where there is only one antenna cable in the bottom left of the default image, there were two.

    William Miceli - 回复

    Tape covered my whole assembly as well and the antenna cables were the same as previous poster.

    Jason Cobb - 回复

    The two cables at the top of the motherboard near the camera, mentioned by commenters above, will have a small rubber pad on top of them. You may wish to keep that pad. Also not pictured here is the LED surround. It can easily come loose from the motherboard. Don't lose that either.

    Alex LeDonne - 回复

    I accidentally broke the ribbon cable in the upper left that dives under the blue daughterboard. I'm not sure how, but it was probably trying to get the tape loose. The only problem it seems to have caused is that the proximity sensor (next to the front-facing camera) doesn't work and neither does the notification LED.

    KC Baltz - 回复

    Hi im trying to locate on internet the ZIF connector for the digitizer but its impossible to know how many PINS does it have can you help ?

    Pawel Pieta - 回复

    Mine was covered in tape as well. I gently pealed it off and managed to leave most of it intact for when I put it back together. Also had the two cables connected at the top left, they can be detached and reattached in the same way as the other two at the bottom. Just lift them off using a spudger when detaching then hold them in place with tweezers whilst pushing down on top with a small screw driver until it clicks in when reattaching.

    Ian - 回复

    Disassembly - I was one of the lucky ones to have pretty much this ENTIRE SPACE covered in tape. I peeled off the middle pieces completely using spudger and tweezers. for the ones over the ZIF’s….i peeled enough off to get them free then I used tweezers to lift the excess tape and my straight edge razor to cut the excess. be careful especially around the volume cables if tape is on them. At this point, disconnect the black cable on the right at the bottom and fold it away, then tackle the disconnects. the top left disconnect will be your worst enemy b/c the cable is folded under the mother board. be gentle.

    Assembly - use tweezers and spudger to get the connectors back in…double check all of them. I did the top left one first as i knew it would frustrate me the most. the rest went quick and easy.

    Ashley Keith (sc0rch3d) - 回复

    Reassembly: Before screwing the motherboard back down, connect the top left ribbon cable back into its connector. This will save you a lot of heartache, because the top left ribbon cable is just too short to force into the connector once the motherboard is screwed in.

    Daniel Handojo - 回复

  12. HTC One M8 更换电池: 步骤 12 中的图像 1,1
    • 使用 T5 螺丝刀移除三颗银色 3mm 螺丝。

    Disassembly - Before the screws, mine had 2 wires connected (black and white) connected to motherboard at the top left. remove those first and make note of which ones goes where. then take out the screws. thankfully these are longer than the previous t5 screws, so you won’t mix them up. I also had tape covering part of the LEDs and extending onto the black microchip to the top left.

    Assembly - put the screws then the wires.

    Ashley Keith (sc0rch3d) - 回复

  13. HTC One M8 更换电池: 步骤 13 中的图像 1,3 HTC One M8 更换电池: 步骤 13 中的图像 2,3 HTC One M8 更换电池: 步骤 13 中的图像 3,3
    • 使用 iOpener 或热风枪来融化把母版固定到显示屏组件上的胶水。

    • 使用塑料开机工具轻轻地撬动母版,脱离显示屏。

    • 这个时候,底部扬声器仍然连在主板上。如果你只是替换主板的话,参考底部扬声器 指南来把现有的扬声器替换到新的主板上面。

    Disassembly - did NOT use a heating element. GET THE ZIF WIRES OUT OF THE WAY at this point. I started at the top middle with a pick and spudger then worked my around the right of the motherboard. gently lifted it out from right to left using spudger as needed to remove from battery.

    Assembly - placement is critical here between all the wires. I started by putting the motherboard bottom in place then laying it down watching each wire was positioned correctly as I went.

    Ashley Keith (sc0rch3d) - 回复


    janecooper915 - 回复

  14. HTC One M8 更换电池, 电池: 步骤 14 中的图像 1,3 HTC One M8 更换电池, 电池: 步骤 14 中的图像 2,3 HTC One M8 更换电池, 电池: 步骤 14 中的图像 3,3
    • 小心地将电缆拨离到电池两侧。

    • 使用 iOpener 或者加热枪将固定电池的粘合剂加热使之松开。

    • 使用塑料撬棍从屏幕上轻轻地撬起电池。

    Be careful lifting on the battery. The LCD isn't secured to the Digitizer/Glass so too much pressure can crack the LCD and you'll have to replace the display as well.

    th3R0b0t - 回复

    The battery is glued on the sides. There is no glue in the middle or on the top, so I think it's the best start on top and then try to lift sides.

    klosek1995irl - 回复

    Done for HTC E8, with even help of youtube, but replacement part does not exactly fit the original connectors, but it works.

    Stepp 11 to 13 are the most complicated, I have more cabels on the left bootm side than shown in the pictures/instructions.

    Michael Rinker - 回复

    Disassembly - this will be your most nerve racking moments of the guide. i did not use a heating element and was still able to get the battery out using spudgers, picks, razor, whatever it takes to wedge under it slowly. I found 1 spot of adhesive on the bottom center, top right, and the entire left side. I was very unlucky with so much tape on the ZIFs that my top left connectors could not fold back and the battery cover was peeling off. I worked from top middle, along right, then bottom, then up the left side until it was loose enough to pivot out from beneath the ZIFs.

    Assembly - the old battery took most of the adhesive with it so placement was fairly simple. Make sure to take care of the battery cable on your way back through assembly.

    Ashley Keith (sc0rch3d) - 回复





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thanks for the instructions. i dropped my m8 and the power button wasnt responding at all and volume down wasnt either . i dissassembled the phone ( maybe i shouldnt have used my swiss army blade, left dents in plastic) using this guide..and pushed all the connectors into firmly and it worked again . thanks a bunch

drocheit - 回复

Do we need to replace the adhesive when replacing the battery?

iarinaga - 回复

I did not replace the adhesive: there's enough left to keep everything secure

Karl Horton -

Hi, if there is a lot of tape is it necessary to replace it with new tape and copper shielding, and where can you get it please ?

Toby Murcott - 回复

Considering the guide and most people don't have the shielding it should be fine to not replace it. There was nothing that looked like it would short out and really was just there to cover the ribbon cables.

Jason Cobb - 回复

Any idea where I can order an actual genuine battery? Had some issues in the past with knockoffs and lemons...

Dron Zig - 回复

I ordered one from BinTek mobile and it seems to be working well.

KC Baltz -

During the reassembly, I noticed something that I'm not sure if it was an issue or not. One of the ribbon cables in the upper left appears to tuck under the blue board. You can see this in Step 12. When I reattached it, I noticed this piece of cable was loose and no longer tucked under and it didn't appear that it was supposed to connect to anything because I didn't see any contacts, but I couldn't figure out why it was there or if it had somehow broken loose. The phone is working OK including the volume buttons with the exception of the Light/Proximity Sensor and NOtification LED. Neither of those are working so I'm wondering if this ribbon was supposed to go to them.

KC Baltz -

Hey KC Baltz,

thanks so much for the reply...

I'll give them a shot.

Dron Zig -

After replacing battery it did not charging

Ahmed Fargaly - 回复

Make sure the battery cable is in correct place. The one i ordered didn't fit well! Had the same issue that the indication light was just blinking orange and the phone was not charging. So i reopened my phone and removed the metal screwpad and just first inserted the connector. Make sure it 'clicks' very well and that all 6 pins are in correct position, because this is what happend for me, only 4 where alined correctly. Afterwards i resticked the metal screwpad and put the screws back in and tadaaaa, new battery!

Stef Roelandt -

Thanks Stef. Had same blinking orange light and no charging issue, Getting the battery cable to click before screwing in the two screws was key. Thanks for comment.

James Bond -

I would have to rate this one "difficult" for a number of reasons. The multiple layers of adhesive requiring some pretty tough spudgering, the many tiny zif connectors, and several antenna cables (with an even greater number of antenna cable sockets!)

On my M8, the upper end of the long black antenna cable was underneath a black plastic shield, and unfortunately this cable popped off this socket, which took a fair amount of effort to put it back in place. I also had to remove two additional antenna cables on the left side near the top (one short white, another even shorter black) that weren't mentioned in this take-apart in order to remove the motherboard. Since there were several extra antenna cable sockets in this area (and elsewhere), I would recommend taking a picture of your M8 motherboard (at about step 10, above) to refer to during reassembly so you don't use the wrong antenna cable sockets when you reattach these.

Took me a good hour.

Peter Benson - 回复

I have just finished ruining my phone however I am not too sad as it is over three years old and I was planning on getting the one plus 5 anyway however I wanted to warn all first timers to not pinch the screen when trying to pry the phone open.


My Dignity

Josh B - 回复


what the heck

why so tricky

Marne Houston - 回复

Replaced the battery in my HTC One M8 and after the phone was put back together, it was telling me the sim card was not present even though it was. I triple checked all the connections. I'm pretty certain i was careful and did not damage anything. Having said that, in an event that I did and didn't realize it, any suggestions at what parts might be responsible that I should try to replace first? Thanks for any assistance.

Dron Zig - 回复

Thanks for the instructions.

BUT………….it would be good if you’d mentioned the volume switches that need removing at step 11. My phone was taped up beyond believe and I thought the tape that was over the volume switches could also be removed as it had to come out to allow the battery to be removed. When i removed the taped the ribbon cable below tore in half, YAY!!!

For others info, at the top left of the battery there should be a black ribbon that attaches via tape to the left side of the phone to hold the volume switches in place. BE F##KING CAREFUL undoing the tape. Or you will end up needing a new phone like I now do…

kazafog - 回复

Here’s one for you.

I’ve done a large number of battery replacements and HTC is the leader as most people won’t try this.

I just did another one on the One M8 and the digitizer became unresponsive. Everything checked OK so I removed the new battery and re-installed the old one. The digitizer was fully functional. Back in goes the new one and the digitizer became unresponsive again.

I repeated the process 3 more times, alternating between the new battery (only new one I had on hand) and older batteries (the original one from the phone and tow others I had from previous replacements) and the same thing happend every time.

Why the heck would a battery have any effect on the digitizer?

Dana - 回复

Shot in the dark, but did you have the phone plugged into power? Maybe the new battery is shorted and the charging circuit is causing interference with the digitizer?

tsaavik -


I put new battery in, reconnected everything and built up the phone. Unfortunately new battery not charging, the red light blinks instead of light up continously. Doe it mean the battery is broken? It looks like new.

When put back an old battery everything is back normal, phone charging and working so I think I put it back correctly…

Mario Bros - 回复

Hi, I followed all steps very carefully. The Phone is giving solid led telling me its charging but when I turn the phone on there is nothing on the screen. I can hear the speakers working fine and if i hold volume down and power I can hear the screen shot sound but nothing on display. Please help!

Ronan - 回复

I need about 2.5 hours to complete the repair but did not find it particularly difficult. It was a lot of slow movements and double checking everything that caused the most pain. The really only nervous moments are getting the unit and shell separated, removing motherboard, removing battery. All with simple steps but be gentle above all else.

Ashley Keith (sc0rch3d) - 回复

Enjoyed reading your step by step comments which helped a lot, particularly not needing heat to get the glued sections apart!

Russell Lethbridge -

Signed up here to thank everyone for the guide and the incredibly useful comments. It’s worth reading through all the comments for each step *before* attempting this as a certain degree of tunnel-vision does creep in once you get to work.

Particular care needs to be taken removing the device from the metal cover (step 9) when too much force could lead to serious damage, as well as removing the battery as excessive force could damage the screen. My advice would be to go slowly - especially with any parts requiring separation of adhesive layers.

Russell Lethbridge - 回复

A little advice on the ribbon cables: the only one the gave me any issue was the one for the bottom speaker, next to the battery cable. be very, very careful on removing it !! i thought i was being careful until i was ready to close. That’s when I discovered the receptacle had become unattached from the motherboard…smh! And NO! it does not come close to the 35 minutes mentioned….more like 2.5-6 hrs

1jettek - 回复

قمت بتبديل البطارية ولكن عندما قمت بتشغيل الهاتف لم يعمل ذلك وضع الشاحن أكثر من 5 ساعات لا يزال على حالة الشاحن وإظهار علامة البطارية على الشاشة ... ما هي المشكلة

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I’m having problems getting the ribbon cables back into their slots. I’ve tried sliding the connectors forward but can’t seem to get that to happen. I don’t want to push too hard on the cable to get it to insert.

Any suggestions?

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After a lot of searching I found what I was looking for:


Leo Walsh -

Make sure to have a good connection on the battery connector when assembling otherwise the phone won’t charge!!!

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My M8 battery was no longer holding charge after 5.5 years use. Thank you for an excellent battery replacement guide, without which this job would not be do-able. Agree with other posters on this site, its about 2.5 hours as there is a lot of tape, and a great deal of care is required to prise the motherboard and battery off the phone to avoid damaging the ribbons and black antenna (?) cable on the side with 2 ZIF cables. When reassembled, the vibration motor was constantly on, even after checking and rechecking all the ZIF connectors. I’ve disconnected the motor as I don’t use vibrate. The phone is now charging. once the functions have been double checked, I’ll put the phone back in its case and seal it back up. Defo need more support behind the repair charter - it really shouldn’t been this difficult to change a battery . . . . Thanks again guys - a great guide.

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Parfait !! Merci beaucoup !

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