If you are having difficulties with the Pyle Astro PTBL7C, try referring to the troubleshooting page.

Released on October 14, 2013, the Astro PTBL7C made by Pyle Audio is a tablet with black bezels and black casing with a logo and model number on the back casing. The tablet has two cameras: one on the front and one on the back, both centered on one side of the device. The device has integrated Flash Player and can run flash games and programs, it also has the capability to download and install the latest Android Apps. The device comes equipped with a headphone jack as well as external volume buttons if the volume is playing through the device speakers. In the packaging there is an AC adaptor, a USB cable and an OTG (Micro USB Adaptor) cable. This device also has capabilities to work with MP3, MP4, WMA, WAB, AVI, WMV, MOV, JPG, JPEG and many more file types.

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