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How to take apart MacBook and clean motherboard after liquid spill

How do I completely take my apple MacBook model no. A1181 apart and what product can I use best to clean the motherboard. My thought is rinsing with distilled water and then spray it with some sort of product that drives away the water and doen't leave any residue. Which product this should be... no Idea! I'm pretty sure its not gasoline (residue) and it can't be anything that dissolves plastics.

By the way: the liquid in this case is 100% Dutch beer.

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You're right. A complete take apart and cleaning is the safest way to recover from a liquid spill. To clean the logic board I use isopropyl alcohol, a toothbrush, compressed air. Clean all the connectors, sockets and let dry. Once the MB is open you may also clean your optical laser lens with isopropyl alcohol and a Qtip. Use compressed air to dust off the optical drive case. Good luck...

Thank you for your help!


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Here's a video of the teardown.

Distilled water will work if you let it completely dry. I also use Methanol for cleaning.

It's kind of according to what you spilled in it and how much.

Here's another type of teardown:


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