iPhone 3G是第二代iPhone。型号A1241,有8或16 GB容量,和炫酷的黑色或洁白的白色塑料背面。修复比第一款iPhone更简单。需要螺丝刀、撬撬工具和吸尘工具。

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# 3 cable connector is broke?

Is there any way the phone will work with out the #3 connector? The cable is fine, and I had to replace the screen, but I broke white connector in the process. Any help would be great.

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Can you look at the teardown and identify what the #3 cable is? iPhone 3G Logic Board Replacement


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The connector/ribbon cable #3 controls the ear piece and proximity sensor.

The ear piece won't output sound but you should get sounds from the speaker on the bottom of the phone.

The proximity sensor senses when the phone is next to your head and it dims the screen to save battery life. (you can test this by making a call and holding your hand over the earpiece area, see if the screen dims)

If you're having both of these issues, the connector or cable is bad. You can use the phone, but it has to be via earphones with a mic, bluetooth headset, or by speakerphone.

You can find the parts on eBay - search iPhone FPC connector and iPhone light and proximity sensor flex cable - about $10 each. The FPC connector needs de-soldered from the logic board and the new one needs micro-soldered back on, so you may want to seek a professional's help if you decide to go that route.

Good luck


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What parts are needed? Click on the parts list just to your right on the screen.

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It doesn't look like iFixIt actually sells the required parts separately.


I had a broken lock on the No. 3 connector, and gave up trying to re-insert it.

Instead I put a kink in the ribbon cable about 1mm from the end, hoping it would help make good contact without the lock.

It works! (At least for now my 3GS is fully working after months of managing without the ear speaker.)

Can't tell you if I kinked the ribbon up or down - and I am not opening it up to check! The kink needs to pressure the contact sides of the ribbon towards the connectors in the socket.



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Careful doing this, as you can damage the ribbon as well though. These things are more fragile than the glass.

This actually worked for me!... kinking the #3 connector ribbon 1mm away from end with precision tweezers... I have an iphone 3g where I've recently replaced a screen/digitizer. Along the way I may have damaged connector #3. After replacing this screen I've experienced: iphone stuck in recovery mode, iphone 3g bricked, iphone 3g stuck on apple logo, iphone 3g continuously rebooting, iphone 3g white screen of death, iphone 3g latest firmware...

Rebooting with this connector #3 disconnected allowed REBOOTING!. However, cellphone call to iphone earpiece was not functioning... After kinking connector, all is well... I may let you know...


Hey guys, I developed and refined the process to replace this connector and if you look all over the web, I am the one to everyone goes to for the repair. I don't use any braid techniques, just a small iron, steady hands, and tons of experience. I can even fix instances where the solder pads have been torn off. This is a huge thing since other "shops" make this mistake, and I have had to fix their mistakes.


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I would be nice if you posted this on the iFixit web site. Just click on the "Contribute" button to get to the tutorial on how to do it.


I'm no techno, but I managed to replace my battery in my 3gs, broke the number 3 lock - and thanks to the above, used my fingernails precisley to bend number 3 ribbon towards the screen and bingo, my earpiece works again...for now. Thanks for the tip!


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