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Loose Hinge, I cannot write anymore without the lid opening fully!

Hey everyone!

I'm having this problem since last year, and now it's getting unbearable. It's not broken, it is... "floppy"! If I have the laptop on my lap and try to write, the lid's going to slide backwards, all the way down. I bought my macbook air 2010 (1,6, 4GB, 128SSD) in January 2011, the problem showed up after three months. I'm a student and really need my laptop every day, there is no apple store in this city, and i have no time to travel 2 hours with the train! I ordered a pentalobe screwdriver, just to have a look inside... But now I'm wondering, can I actually do something to solve this or is it hopeless?

Thank you!

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I read something online... Apparently it's not possible to tighten the hinges in a Do-it-yourself way. I didn't receive my screwdriver yet, so i cannot confirm this! If this is the case, what am i supposed to do? I think i only have the second year warranty left, because i bought this laptop in an apple reseller in Germany without applecare! I showed the problem in an other apple reseller, at the time i had my apple warranty. They told me Apple wasn't going to repair this for free, because it isn't an hardware failure. I showed them that every other Air 11" there was mich stiffer than mine! They wanted to send my laptop to Apple, but i wasn't able to work without it... It's too late, isn't it?

They may have a record of you bringing it in or may just fix it for you. It can't hurt to ask.


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Apple may fix this for you for free, it is a well known issue:


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The problem is for old macbooks air... mine is a new one, a 2010!



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