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Any tools to clean up the virus?

My last question regarding the o.s issue I am yet to see any responses for it.I have taken a back up in an external hard drive,I feel some virus must have infected,please correct me if I am wrong,if so how do I clean up my external hard disc and then the procedure to start the migration.Kindly help me

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i will work on it and report my observations,i got my system restored only yesterday,thank you for all the advices


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I'm a Mac Technician. And I do believe that Macs may get infected, if not severely so far. Besides, Trojans and fishing mails can spread Macs to Macs via Mail clients often. Therefore, strong Antivirus App that is capable to detect and destroy multi-platform infections is a most for Mac owners.

I recommend Sophos Anti-Virus at this point. You may get Sophos Anti-Virus For Mac Home Edition for free visiting official Sophos site.

I've been using Sophos for last 3 years, and pretty comfortable with it. Have experienced Sophos detecting phishing mails right-away.

How to make sure, your Mac is virus or malware or fishing mails free after installing Sophos?

Open Sophos if it doesn't prompt you to scan your machine. If prompts, just hold on. We've some setups to do.

Click on Preferences.

Check on Scan Inside Archives And Compressed Files if not checked by defaults under Scan Local Drives

Under On-access Scanning, Check on Inside Archives and Compressed Files and Files on Network Volumes.

Select Delete Threat on When A Threat Is Found line.

Enable Live Protection under Live Protection tab. Now close the Preferences Pane.

Click on Scan Local Drives.

Now, as Sophos prompts to begin scan, allow it to scan all drives instead of scanning from the Current Privilege option.

It may take half an hour to a couple of hours depending on the drive spaces it is supposed to scan. But, I suggest to run Sophos scan attempt just before you go to bed at night. So that when you wake up in the morning, your computer is either cleaned or the infected files are quarantined and the warning Sophos Icon is bouncing upon the dock. If such is the case, click on that to see if you have to delete the threat manually in case Sophos is not able to clean itself because of Administrator Privileges. Let me know if you are still little uncomfortable regarding using Sophos or quite not sure if any malware still resides in your system. Help is always available for good friends.



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many thanks for Mr.puru,i will work on it and report back to you


I agree, on the Mac, when my laptop (booted with BitDefender rescue) is occupied in the shop scanning an attached drive ... I sometimes pop in USB/hard drives on a spare mac to make images/backups and Sophos does a really good job at catching "bugs" ... it's also good to run it on your Mac anyways. Even though a virus, etc, might not affect you, running it ensures that if you receive a windows based virus via e-mail, it will clean it up before you forward it on down the line to some other Windows user.


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I'm still using Norton Anti-Virus 11. It picks up the viruses but all I;'ve seen with it for ten years has been PC attached viruses, never a Mac virus. Are you using the paid or free version:

On general home user systems, MSSE works fine. On home users that surf a lot of @$*# sites, etc, I have them purchase bit defender. Norton, McAfee and Avast are targeted by virus coders. The reason I like bit defender is it is low profile, isn't a memory hog, and you can set it to 'auto-pilot' mode for end users where they don't have to click on anything, pop-ups, etc. The second reason, as a tech, BitDefender is the only rescue linux based cd that loads ethernet and wireless drivers, because you need access for it to update the app and the signature database. Last, after testing Kaspersky, and other Linux live boot rescue CD's, BitDefender was the only one that detected and removed Fake Internet Security 2012, and once removed, it left Windows stable. The others detected, but couldn't remove it, or if it removed it left windows unstable. I'm noting this because last month I spent a day updating my recovery software, etc, and tried all the Linux based AV ISO's to bring my toolbox up to date in my repair shop.

^ Sorry, I got side tracked on the Windows side of things on that last comment, the Norton Anti-virus question kinda threw off my train of thought from the answer about the mac.


try sophos. its free


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Many thanks for MR.PURU for the suggestions,i will work on it get back,i am obliged




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