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New hard disc install OS X errors

I’ve just replaced the hard drive in a late-2006 MacBook Pro. Replacement went like a dream. But now having trouble on the OS X (10.4.8) install. Have original OS X Install Disc 1 that shipped with machine. I insert the disc but it eventually gets spit out and I get the folder with a question mark appearing.

I’ve got a slight work around. I also have a MacBook Pro 2010 and use the 10.6.3 install disc. That enables me to get in (after quite a few attempts of disc being spat out, pressing C, pressing shift, pressing D, pressing option etc) – but obviously I can’t install from this disc. However, I can buy-pass a few restore steps and get into utilities. There, I’ve created a GUID drive partition. I then select startup disc but the only options I have are network or the 10.6.3 install disc. I then restart and obviously I’m back to square 1. I try to force eject the 10.6.3 and insert the 10.4.8 which then gets spat out and I can’t continue with the install. I’ve tried using a backup (from my Macbook 2010) from time machine but that won’t work either. I’ve tried copying my 10.4.8 install disc to an external usb drive and that won’t work.

I’ve spent about 15 hours on this and am losing patience!

I hope you might be able to give me some pointers!


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Did you copy all your data to the new hard drive before you installed it?


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Hook the two machines up via a firewire cable. Start the newer machine up and insert the 10.4 disk or retail 10.6. Now start the Target machine up holding down the "T" key. See if you can now install from the disk drive of the newer machine onto the older one.


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