Mid 2006 / model number A1181 / black or white case / 1.83 or 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo processor.

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DVD Drive spins up but doesn't read disc, then ejects disc

the dvd drive accepts discs (both dvds and cds) it spins up like its gonna read the disc, then stops spinning then spins back up, it does this a couple times then it ejects the disc on its own. in disk utility the dvd drive still shows up, so the computer still recognizes the drive, whats wrong with it?

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Error code 1506

My CD is read first and then it stops responding certainly. What can I do for it?

@subina.thapaliya12, you should start a new topic, this one is 5 years old, and no one is going to see it.


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Could be bad, could just have a dirty lens. I would get one of the optical drive cleaning disks and give it a try before replacing the disk or getting an external optical drive.


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Good point. That solved my own issues with the DVD, so that would help Devin. Also, I noticed my DVD acts up if the laptop is on a precarious seating.

I'd check both things. Without having access to a CD Cleaner, I also wrapped a glasses cleaning cloth around a credit card and moved it around. It worked, however I gave a clean the same with a Cleaning Disk.

i just took the drive apart and cleaned the laser lense, put it back together, turned it on, and put a dvd in....still doesnt work. so does that mean that the drive is bad and needs to be replaced?

Your optical drive probably needs to be replaced. I've seen very few ever repair. As little as it's used I would suggest going with an external. I've had very good luck with the LaCie drives and it will also move to your next computer. http://www.lacie.com/us/products/range.h...

You can also go with an optical bay adapter and install an added high speed hard drive or SSD drive: 9.5 mm PATA Optical Bay SATA Hard Drive Enclosure

Speaking of "moving on a better computer", also Samsung has nice stuff. I use a Blu-Ray, obviously in DVD mode, for the same range price. As, hopefully, my DVD for now is working with minor hiccups, the Blu-Ray stays home, with a "Smart TV", until needed.

Staying in the DVD range, there's also some compact and cheap. I've tested an economic DVD burner (in office, we use it on a net-top) and works as fine as the defunct Superdrive.

Stef - do you have a model number from your Blu-Ray? I've been waiting for prices to get reasonable.



Best trick is to blow compressed air into the DVD slot. Worked for me.


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its weird because it worked one day and then the next it stopped, i wanna reinstall os x but i cant use my dvd and i cant figure out how to get the files on a usb drive, my macbook is the only mac i have, all the other computers are windows

Same problem I had Devin only I used the backup on the partition to reinstall from. I know your post is old was wondering what you did?

Nice solution! Worked perfectly and saved me the trouble of buying a DVD cleaner thingy.


I took mine apart and cleaned the laser lens with isopropyl alcohol and a cotton bud (USA English translation = cue tip). The problem persisted even though this method/trick worked for me previously. As a last ditch attempt, I took it apart and literally just blew air from my mouth around the circuitry (not recommended as small bits of saliva might cause a short circuit and a completely dead drive; I only did this as I have no compressed air and I was willing to throw it in the bin (trash) if it didn't work afterwards, especially as a new one is already being posted to me as I type). Amazingly, it worked.

N.b. Before blowing air, I also inserted a disc a few times into the drive without the metal cover on it, with it connected via external USB - SATA connector; without the cover on I had to help guide the disc on to the central disc spinner/retainer (sorry, don't know the technical term). This may or may not have helped eventually get the drive functioning properly again (perhaps it freed up one of the mechanisms??).

Anyway, I hope documentation of my experience might help someone else with a stubborn drive at some. point in the future. Mine is now working perfectly - it was DOA inside a 2nd hand MBP from eBay.


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p.s. mine is the superdrive from the late 2011 17" MBP.

just suck the dust out with the vacum



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