Why isn't the camera taking a picture? sensor not working?

I can see through the viewfinder but the "live" view using the monitor shows data, e.g., auto, flash, iso, etc with a red outlined square in the center.

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@karenwinslow "an chance you can give us more info on this. Did anything happen to the camera? You have checked all of your settings?


I can tell you that I last used it in February of this year and all was well. All of the settings have remained the same. My neighbor also checked it out. (He has a similar Nikon.) I have reset the settings to default and turned the camera off and back on and nothing. I double checked and I purchased it in 2014.


As I'm thinking more about my camera, I am reminded that I had it while on a very windy beach in February. And last year I was taking pictures while on a train ride which was pretty dusty. How do I or can I clean the sensor?