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Tips needed on how to crack open my AC Adapters

I have 2 defective power adapters: one for an iBook 12" (buzzing sound from within, it works intermittently; definitely not a cable problem) and another (dead unit, blew the fuse) for a 2007 Macbook. I have repair experience for TVs, computers, radios, etc and am gearing up to getting them fixed myself. However, I need tips on where and how to crack them open without damaging the internal components. Any tips guys?

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These things were not built to be worked on. Outside of repair the cable I know of no one that has been successful opening and fixing one. That given, here's a pictorial on how one guy got it:

Here's a video on another way to open it and repair the cable:


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Welded plastic power transformers like these can be a bad kettle of fish. Sure you maybe able to fix the problem inside but you can't often reseal the unit so it's safe to use. Between the shock hazard you can also create a fire hazard! I would hate to explain to my wife or kids: I was so cheap in not replacing the adapter, in spite of burning down the house and/or killing the family dog or cat from the exposed wires. Best thing here is to replace these and not try to fix them.


Another way to pry it open is using pliers to apply pressure inside the tabs used to coil the magsafe cord. By opening the pliers at the maximum extension, if done with a painstalkingly amount of crescent strengh, the brick will crack open with a little cosmetic damage, but nothing impairing functionality and looking obvious.


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Yeah, you basically crack them open like a walnut with a pair of snub-nosed pliers in the holes where the little feet fold out from. Then you'll need to glue it back together.

Watch out for the capacitors in there. They hold a high voltage charge for weeks. Short out all the big capacitors with something insulated before doing anything.


shows a good and clean procedure


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