DS lite no longer turns on after removing broken power switch

I accidentally broke off the plastic piece on my power switch when taking off the back cover. Did some research and decided to buy an after-market replacement on Amazon. I'm not very experienced on soldering and ended up ripping off the soldering pads for pin one, three, and four. At first, I tried to re attach the pads (That didn't work). Then I tried to scrape into the PCB to find the trace for pin one, which you can see in the image. After doing all of that, I tried to turn it on, with no luck. I also tried connecting the PWSW trace on the other side of the board to the "Red" trace as I read doing that would turn the DS on, which it doesn't for me. So, I'm assuming that in the process of fixing the switch I broke something else. Also, if I plug the DS in, the light turns orange, and after a while turns off.

Block Image

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