N64 Not Sending Audio/Video to TV

My N64 abruptly stopped sending audio and video to my TV. The system turns on (the red light in the front lights up), but the TV says it doesn't detect any input signal. I did a bunch of troubleshooting including:

  • connecting to a different TV
  • trying different game cartridges
  • cleaning the connectors
  • reseating the memory
  • replacing the adapter

The only thing that worked for a hot second was replacing the adapter, but the second time I booted up the system it was the same problem. Is it possible it's the graphics card? Is that repairable?

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@mike6003 what TV are you using and what type/kind of adapter?


I tried it on a Samsung SmartTV and an LG dumb TV. Both with the same result.

This is the AV cable I replaced the original with. It worked for a little bit but then stopped with the same result as the original with no signal being sent to the TV.

N64 AV Cable, Audio Video AV Cable Cord for Nintendo 64 N64, Gamecube GC,Super Nintendo SNES, 2.5M/8.2FT https://a.co/d/dNKxXqK