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Super-duper interrupted while cloning internal drive

500 GB Internal HD in my 20" Intel iMac had problem, so I bought a 1 TB HD replacement from "FIX-IT". Decided to format it externally using a "DRIVE-WIRE" USB adapter w/ "Supper-Duper". Everything was working well until I realized I had left "Super-Duper" programmed to back-up my system later that evening and didn't want it to conflict with my Internal HD cloning, so I stopped the Internal HD cloning(OOPS!) to turn off the System Back-Up, and then tried to restart the cloning of the Internal HD but Disk Utility would no longer recognize "New" HD attached to USB port. My question is: Is this new drive no longer useable?

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Do you mean it will not even show up in disk utility?

You probably just need to wipe it and reformat.


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When you reformat the drive be sure to pick GUID. Select the Drive itself in the list on the left, go to the Partition tab, and click the Options... button down below the graphical representation of partitions. You should be able to select APM, GUID, or MBR from the dialogue that appears. Give it one partition. Otherwise when you put the drive in it will not work.


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I think that Disk Utility *should* auto-pick the best partition table- it always has for me. But I can't be 100% sure of that.

I'm pretty sure JoshCalvetti is right

I just do what works for me and don't care who's right.


Yes, the "FIX-IT" 1-TB HD is not recognized by "DISK UTILITY". Since you can't format a drive that can't be seen by "DiSK UTILITY" it isn't possible to"WIPE-IT".

I tried hooking drive up to another MAC(Laptop) it also could not see the drive.

My question remains, "Can this drive be revived?". Though it will only

cost $99.00 to buy another drive, and fix this problem, I'd like to avoid that, of



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I can't add any useful knowledge here; but my problem is very similar. A skilled friend installed the new 2tb h.d. I had bought from ifixit, after the original h.d. had suddenly died; but when I tried to load osx leopard, it didn't work so then I went back to tiger--in both cases the computer or startup disk did not see a destination disk at all! The new h.d. might as well not exist. Unrecognized. How can I make use of the new h.d? At present I am running tiger from my back ups external h.d. I hope that is a very temporary pro tem solution and that I will be able to load osx snow leopard onto the new 2tb h.d.


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