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Someone donated an Imac G5 17" (no Isight) to my church (I am the priest there). It did not work. After doing some research I ended up replacing the hard drive and the logic board. I do not have the original disks that came with that computer. I purchased a retail copy of 10.4. I formatted my drive and created a partition with no problems. When I proceeded to install OS 10.4 a message informed me that I need to have OS 10.3 on the computer first. So I purchased a retail copy of OS 10.3. For some reason when I turn the computer on it shows a "Globe" symbol in a blue box. When I load the OS 10.3 disc and hold the "C" key down during startup the apple symbol appears and nothing happens. What did I mess up and can you help?

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Sounds like you bought a 10.4 upgrade disk rather than a retail disk. Your machine came with 10.4 so will not boot from the 10.3.Your options are to click on my icon, contact me and ship me the hard drive for a free system install ( I need to know how much RAM you have so I know if I can take it to 10.5.8. Or contact Apple and buy an original system installation disk for $15 plus postage and tax. Return the disks you bought as they are worthless to you. IHS


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Thank you for your help. I am going to try buying the disk from mac first. If it doesn't work I will send the hard drive to you. I will get back to you by the end of the week. Thank you again.

You're welcome. email me anyway for other things.



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