How do I get my new battery to be detected

battery not detected in a 10 year old fujitsu, would like to fix it as I am not ready to junk my old lady who has given me great service, I have bought 2 batteries and both are not detected, did the uninstall thing and the power boost and checked the driver, says it is fine, no idea how to fix this problem, please help, am not a techno fundi. bubbles

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@bubbles what model Fujitsu is this?


@oldturkey03 hi, quite a history you have, I am changing the world one seed at a time but have no idea how to do it on the technology front. I bought my laptop in sept 2012, a lifebook a series Fujitsu. Still have windows 7, have long stopped doing updates, more than 4 years. About 2 years ago I replaced the battery and all was fine, although the battery did not last very long, just a sign of the times. I have now bought another one online, the first one gave me a 'BATTERY NOT DETECTED: message and the company suggested I uninstall the battery, then disable it when that didn't work and then agreed to replace it as faulty. I received the new battery, took a couple of weeks as I live in rural Africa and we don't have much traffic coming to our little village. I fitted the new battery, a generic one as Fujitsu don't make these old batteries any more according to the company I bought it from. I charged it over night, I live off the grid and solar an be slow at times. the morning I tried it, the same message,


Hi @bubbles5

What model number of the over 50 models in the "A Series" ?

Should be on the bottom case.