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Screen freezes & questions on replacing the Logic Board

Hi people!
Short version story

I decided to change the Logic Board of my Macbook Pro mid 2012. I have found one in this place.


  1. Any special and practical considerations to have on changing a Macbook Pro Logic Board? Thermal paste?
  2. Would i have any trouble with a new logic board of 2012 and my Apple ID? some friend told me that could be an issue
  3. For your experience, is Powerbook Medic a trustable Mac Parts seller? look all right but does not hurt to ask ;-)

    Thanks for your kind help!


Long version story ;-)

My Macbook screen freezes. Sometimes minutes in use sometimes after an hour. I did ask this question a while in this forum and for a while it was working. I deleted almost every App, format the Disk, install antivirus and used Onyx to scan the system.

Now i send it to a repair service (non Apple) and they tell me it is the graphic chip. Not sure it is 100% right or they just say it as may be is a common diagnostic. The repair service charge quite a lot for repairing the logic board and not guarantee is given the repair will be successful.

Update (07/09/2022)

Hi people!

Thanks again for all your help with this issue.

I received the hard data cable and did change it yesterday. It is working without freezing now, so that could have been one of the main issues.

However i did notice since i changed the optical drive for a second hard drive that the metal texture of the bay was imprinted on the interior of the bottom case. That means that when flexing they did eventually came in contact. I guess metal with metal could be a source of freezing too, right? Just to be sure, could i put some insulating tape on it? Would any 3M electrical tape would work for that or is a special tape? I guess is just similar to the thinner black tape the bottom case has, right?

Thanks again and cheers

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@uzapucax I've been dealing with powerbookmedic for about 10 years off and on and never had any issues. This model had issues with the Hard drive/IR cable. Replace it with a newer cable and see if that resolves it. If not go with the logic board.


Did you notice if it freezes when you move it around ?


@oldturkey03 Thanks for the good advice! I will try to replace that before the logic board.


@arbaman now that you say it that is an issue. Sometimes the screen will freeze when not moving but almost all of the time IS when i move it.


@uzapucax - Happy to hear the cable was your issue! Its a very common problem more so when people upgrade to SSD's as the original cable where not well made to support the higher data rate a SSD can push.

As to your optical drive adapter/drive making contact to the bottom cover. Spinning HDD's drives come in different heights! So a overly tall drive can touch! So you do need to be careful not to put in too tall a drive.

I would recommend going with an SSD! These tend to be much lower in height, and frankly they are better for laptops unlike HDD's which tend to fail from a bang or drop and consume more power shorting its battery run time.

Don't forget to accept the answer - Thanks!






Well, I have a different view here!

First the 13" models don't have a discreet GPU chip like the 15" do. Instead it uses the intergraded graphics engine within the Intel CPU! So while the 15" systems has issues with the discreet GPU's there's none in this model.

Next, I don't think your issue is the logic board! It can be a few things like bad RAM, bad HD cable and/or your drive doesn't have enough free space.

So lets check things out! First see if you can run the onboard diagnostics, restart your system and press the D key

Reference: Mac startup key combinations

Depending on the macOS release it might not run. Let us know what the error/s you get if any.

What is your drive? A Hard Disk Drive - HDD (spinning) or a Solid State Drive - SSD

Also what is its size and how much free space does it have?


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Hi Dan!

Great info! thanks for the very detailed steps. I will try them tomorrow when i get the Mac back from the repair service.

My Mac OS is High Sierra by the way. I will try the onboard diagnostics. I hope it can do it with this OS.

To be honest the Service explanation was not too convincing

- It is the logic board

- Just curious how can you tell?

- because of the test we tried

Thanks again! ;-)


@uzapucax - Can you tell us what your drive is HDD or SSD, and its size as well as its free space.



@uzapucax I asked, because I had a couple of cases similar to yours. I figured not without some difficulty since I thought it was the logic board at first, It seems that with time and small bumps here and there, the aluminum bottom cover loses some of it's original strength and starts flexing more easily towards the inside. When the Mac is moved, when not lifted by the edges, it touches the RAM and thus crashes.

Pay attention to move it around by the edges in normal use or exercise a little pressure towards the center/bottom to get confirmation the issue comes from that. Try opening the bottom and reseat RAM modules. If the bottom cover is bumped, it might be needed to replace it. Not knowing the detailed conditions nor the way you normally use your Mac, I can't be more precise, but I believe you got all the info you need in case my theory proves right. Keep us posted, it's always useful to get some follow up.


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Thanks for sharing such an interesting point and your experience with it. -;)

I will definitely take a look and test the aluminium botton. If it bumped where can i get a new one? I never saw it as a part replacement. By the way, how do you reset the RAM modules? just by taking them out and insert them again? Thanks again for your help.


@arbaman - Yes the HD cable often degrades from chaffing along the rough aluminum surface of the uppercase Here's a great reference: Your Hard Drive Cable Is A Ticking Time Bomb


@uzapucax Aluminum body parts are items you typically find on ebay, but I'm not sure you can find a new part, it depends on luck. I really meant reseat, not reset, as in take out the modules and put them back making sure they fit nicely in place, you're right. Hope it's just that..


@uzapucax - iFixit has the bottom cover if its damaged MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Lower Case - Used B-Stock


@arbaman Thanks for the good tip!

Sorry for asking for more info but English is not my first language. I guess the "reseat" is just taking out the RAM memory module cleaning and inserting it back right? not close to desoldering the memory bank attached to the logic board because of malfunction RAM, right? Thanks again :)





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