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Is there any "warranty void" sticker in iPhone 4S?


Is there any "warranty void if removed" sticker inside the iPhone 4S or any other way for Apple to determine it ?

I need to replace the display assembly for a friend and he doesn't want to void its warranty.


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Yes and no. If you mean the "Do Not Remove" sticker, no. Apple is using the water sensors as warranty seals on this model. There's one screw hidden under a water sensor in this model, and it's supposed to act as a hint the phone was opened or water damaged.


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+ Nice, good accurate answer Nick! However, I think Ben has asked the wrong question for the actual knowledge they are seeking. - Ben you will need to replace the part with a used OEM part, not a new aftermarket part. 90%+ chance that repair will fly pass a warranty inspection. There are always "tell" signs that some has been in there - an extra bend in a wire, tape misplaced, not sticking down right or missing, etc... Just be meticulous and systematic in your tear down and putting it back together. End of the day, if someone referred to the manufacturing log of the device there is no way around discovering it has been repaired - serial numbers of the parts won't match. I don't see that happening now - in another 5 years?

Thanks Nick ans ABCellars. I know that they will notice a non-OEM part. I just want to make sure that they isn't anything irreversible such as a sticker that can't be replaced. I am and I'll be very meticulous tearing it down and assembling it.

Actually my friend has probably bought a non genuine part, I warned him about it, but he has any problem during the warranty period I'd put back the genuine cracked screen. However I should buy some replacement screws just in case.

Thanks again for fast and accurate replies


Not even a good answer. There is. When you remove the glass back from the iphone 4's, there is a screw with a sticker over the top of one of the heads. When removed, your warranty is void. To remove the screen assembly, you have to remove the back and those screws.

Good luck!


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I think you're talking about the Water Indicator? Also this thread is from 2011

No I think he's right. I searched over google and on the iPhone 4S their is a black sticker on the top left hand corner which hides a screw, as Clint said you need to remove it in order to gain access to that screw. But if its hidden underneath a bunch of cables can Apple still find out that the warranty sticker has been removed? A response back would be appreciated. Thank you very much.

the sticker on the top left is to prevent the camera which must make a connection to the little tab which is also covered by a sticker. these are not do not remove tabs but are an indicator that the phone could have been taken apart by a novice. the motherboard mounting screw that is covered by a water tab is on the 4 only, and are easily attainable on ebay

This thread may be from 2011, but others may find this and want the answer as well.. ^^ Jeez. Thanks Mr. Obvious.

And it's not a water indicator. Have you even opened a iPhone before?

The sticker or stickers are white and are on the motherboard screws.

To get Jabranshakil's answer, it really depends on what part you replace. If there is a sticker when you open the back, just don't go in. You can try to carefully remove the stickers, and stick them back on..You are allowed to open the back. If you're replacing the screen, do a really neat job. Apple may not even look or care once it gets there.. They have better stuff to do. Just don't make it obvious. Be safe too. Hopefully you'll be okay. Use authentic parts if possible too or they can tell from that.


yes the water indicator is how we tell if the iphone has been taken down to replace a screen as well as if it has had major moisture inside. personally i replace with the same sticker. make sure you use the correct tools for the screws & good luck. allow up to about 1.5 hours the first time you replace a screen then for I4 or I4S then when you do it in about half an hour u are good enough to tell the world.


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We are speaking of a Iphone 4s. GSM or CDMA they were all made exactly the same, All components and stickers match. There is no LQDM damage dot on any screw in the 4S Model of the Iphone. Only phone with a LQDM dot on the screw was the Iphone 4 ATT GSM. The tape under the rear camera will peal of easily so you can place it back on. I have repaired countless iphone 4s's and that sticker is no void indicator. They are not placed on exactly the same way on each matching device. Your warranty void would be the breaking of the seal of the back cover. That's all it would take. Pentalobe screws are placed in at a specific torque in specific ways. If you sent a phone back to apple if you open the back cover and put it back on they would be able to tell. As far as going to your local Phone shop with a phone under warranty after you dabbled around on the inside for a bit, as long as the liquid damage triggers are not red in the headset jack and or the System connector plug in, you would be fine.


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