No charge light on when plugged in. Good fuse, Good charger, new EM10.

I am repairing an original DS (model NTR-001, Blue) which plays fine on battery power but will not charge when plugged in to the wall. The power light indicates fine when the unit is turned on, but there is no charging indicator light when plugged in with a charger regardless of the console power status. No charge light whether the handheld is ON or OFF. I have performed the following troubleshooting steps without any luck:

  1. Check the charger. Charger puts out 5.7VDC.
  2. Check battery terminals. Good Contact, outputting 5.7VDC
  3. Check F2. Good continuity. I was unable to find "F1" on the board, but this is NOT a DS Lite.
  4. Check and replace EM10. New EM10 installed, continuity verified.
  5. Reflow all solder joints on the charging port.
  6. Verify VDC on charging port. Second leg from the right putting out 5.7VDC.

What am I missing? What other steps could there be? Does anyone have a schematic that I could use to chase down the circuit path?

Thank you for your help!

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Is it actually charging? The Home Menu should have a little battery up in the top someplace. You LED might have blown.


It is not charging. I can go check continuity on the LED, but there is no charge indication and the battery is still flat. It also will not boot off of wall power when plugged in.