reconnect the sliding soldered portion of the USB thumbdrive

The 4 soldered joints have cleanly separated from the sliding stub so I can no longer insert the thumb drive into my USB hub. I cannot separate the two plastic halves to access the 4 joints and am afraid of cracking the plastic case if I apply pressure in the wrong spot. Sans Disk has been useless in trying to get a straight answer from them.

It looks like this.

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Dan Bromberg it's best if you post a couple of good pictures with your QUESTION so that we know eaxctly which drive you have

Check on videos like this and one more on here until we know exactly which drive you have.



@oldturkey03 The videos you suggested were OK, but my thumb drive seam is very tight and I don't see how I can get any leverage using a sharp knife to separate the two halves.

I linked to a picture as you requested, Thanks for your interest.


Dan Bromberg I'll check if the ones I have look like yours and see if I can "crack" one open.


@oldturkey03 Thanks for your effort!