Damaged DS touchscreen — it won’t calibrate at all

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Block Image

I have uploaded an image of the touchscreen damage on my Nintendo DS. I have felt the texture of these areas and found that the top layer is chipped, not raised.

Accuracy is horrible, especially very close to the center of the screen, and certain areas of the touchscreen are inaccessible.

I’m ordering a tri wing screwdriver to look into it, but I want to know what my next step of action is: do I try to fix the digitizer layer in place (is it dislodged), or just replace it completely. Or would it be easier to just replace the entire touchscreen?

I also have a DSi touchscreen with less visible damage but a more grave condition of permanent input just off center in the screen, making the touchscreen essentially unusable. What should I do with that?

The second photo shows what I’m using as a stylus when I need it. My hands are very large and make it very hard for me to use the stylus’s that come with the consoles (and my NDS just didn’t come with one). Its an apple pen clone. But I think I’ve had some aggressive play that has chipped the screen over the course of about 5000 inputs or more. I am open to other tall styli that might not damage the screen like this in the future (it is all metal), and if you have recommendations I’m all ears.

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