HTC Vive Wireless Adapter will not power on

Functioned well, until (about 3 months ago) it didn't. Now the Vive Wireless adapter may not turn on at random. Sometimes takes about 5 minutes after connecting the battery before finally powering on. Other times may not acknowledge power for days. :-( May or may not power back up if need arises to switch batteries for continued play. Or, may power up and shut off a few times before finally holding power to sync to my rig. No trauma to device. Changing USB cable(s) yields same result. Batteries fully charged. No issue with headset hardwired. Opening the adapter, noticed a pin hole to a button at the back of the device. (???) Prayed it was a reset... pushed the !&&* out of it of course. Once opened I found the right receiver micro-coax female connector totally missing from the end of the cable at the board. (?HUH... HOW?) Replaced with new MHF4 cable. Granted, this one does not quite mate as snug to the onboard male terminals. Nothing a little tape wouldn't secure. Suggestions for correct RF cable are appreciated. No other apparent sign of damage to boards or components. Though likely not, nor should that receiver cable be the culprit, power was restored after reassembly. Got a few weeks play out of it, albeit with some sporadic lag to powering on. Could live with that tho. At least it worked. Now... going on second day with no sign of power. My kid doesn't know yet... she's not gon like it. Much rather fix it than drop another $350 for another if I can help it. All great ideas and guidance, welcome!

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