The G4 Quicksilver came in 533MHz, 667MHz, 733MHz, 800MHz, 933MHz, And 1.0GHz speeds.

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Needs either power supply or video card

The Apple store diagnosed a failing Cinema Display as being likely related to either the power supply or the video card of the G4. I am trying to figure an estimate of what either of these would cost since it is too old to invest a lot of $ in it. Someone in my user group offered to do the installation. I don't have the part numbers but am interested in an approximate cost to fix these 2 problems.

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After much research and wringing of hands and many wrong turns in adapters, I finally have a DVI to ADC adapter coupled with a VGA to DVI connector to give the Cinema Display its own power and connect it to the VGA port of the G4. This did not work. Not a flicker, just a black screen. When I touch the display's power button, it does light up for a moment but doesn't stay on. From this, may I conclude that it is definitely not the power supply, or could it be that it just doesn't work with the VGA port?

So, I am likely left with the video card as the problem. I looked on the Apple website for the display model (M8537ZM/A) and found that 7 video cards supposedly work with the G4 and Cinema Display: NVIDIA GeForce2 MX, GeForce 3, GeForce 4 MX, GeForce 4 Titanium graphics card, and ATI Radeon 7500, 9000 Pro, or 9700 Pro graphics card. So my next question is which one should would be best for me to search for? I have no idea what is in there now. Before I start throwing even more money at this problem, I want to be sure I'm buying the right thing.


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I would buy one of the NVIDIA cards, They would be the most cost-efficient. When you buy it, make sure it is a mac card and has ADC, pc cards will not work in your mac. I believe that the radeon 9000 pro and 7500 (Mac versions!) will also work, but I'm pretty sure that the 9700 will only work in a PowerMac G5


Well, a good way to check is to test with another display - Your ADC Video card will also have either a DVI or VGA Port on it.. if the video is bad on that too.. then you have a bad video card..

The Power supply is not in play - The Display gets its power from the video card, and the video card gets its power from the logic board, and the logic board gets it from the Power Supply.

Basically if it were the power supply's fault - the computer wouldn't turn on.. and display would be your last problem.

You could always Hook up a DVI Monitor to your ADC port with One of These


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ADC Cards have a direct link to the power supply (that little gold tab in front of the AGP connector) this is a 25V line directly from the power supply. The computer will run if this isn't providing power, and so will the card (through DVI/VGA) but adc displays won't power up. if the card is driving an ADC display, and there is no 25V, then the display will show no power light, or picture. I have run an MDD with a modified ATX power supply which lacks 25V, and that's what happened when i connected my Studio Display, but when a DVI display was connected, it worked fine.

This conversation is hard for me to follow, and I am not familiar with all the terms you are using. Perhaps I should have been more detailed about the problem. The 1st sign of something wrong was the HD Cinema Display flashing. That went on for quite a few sessions (this is not my primary computer). When I turned it on, the date/time had to be reset. Then the desktop photo got grainy, the colors were off, and finally the screen went black altogether, but the display's power/sleep light remained on. I reset the pmu, and that seemed to fix it for about 5-10 minutes. I then replaced the pmu battery, and I was sure that fixed it. I worked on it for awhile, but the next time I turned it on I saw vertical lines and flashing, and it went dark. After it has been off for a day or so, it will come back back on momentarily before it goes dark.

I looked up the video card it uses on the Apple website: NVIDIA GeoForce 4 MX w/ 64 MB of DDR SDRAM. I don't see that in your list of cards that don't work in the G4.

Next point, I connected the G4 to a PC display, and it worked fine, but the PC display has its own power. I have an Apple CRT monitor, but the connector doesn't match, and its cord also has a wire with a serial port coming out of it; there's no serial port on the G4, and I don't know if it will work without that connected. I don't have any other display to try--only my iMac.

Does any of this help to narrow down the problem? And where is the best place to get the part #s and to buy the parts needed? Ebay?


I agree with matt about the power supply. I had this machine loose part of the AGP slot. The machine had a high end video card and the monitor stopped working. I put the video card in another machine and it was fine. I then replaced the card with a low end model and everything worked fine. A year later it's still working. I could only conclude that the AGP port had lost some of its power or working capability. If this is your case you can put in a PCI video card instead of the AGP and all should be well.


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PowerMac G4's can't run PCI Cards They can only run Mac, or Flashed AGP Cards. If you were to install a PCI video card, or unsupported AGP card, then it won't even turn on, i tried this in A QS a few years ago, and that happened.

The only exception to this, was that I tried a Gainward GeForce 2 Ti, and the computer would turn on, but no video.

Chris I've had one that worked just fine. I'll look around to see if I can find it and give you the name.

ok, i have tried a couple of cards, here are the ones that didn't work:

ATI Radeon 9600 XT (PC, AGP, 128MB Not Flashed)

NVIDIA GeForce 2 (PC, AGP, 32MB Not Flashed)

ATI 3D Rage Pro Turbo (PC, PCI, 16MB Not Flashed)

NVIDIA Gainward GeForce 2 Ti (PC, AGP, 64MB, Not Flashed)*

Diamond Stealth 64 Video (PC, PCI, 16MB, Not Flashed)

ATI Radeon X700 (PC, AGP 256MB Not Flashed)

ATI Radeon X1600 (PC, AGP, 512MB, Not Flashed)

I have tried these cards in either a QS, or MDD



If you are going to replace a part, start with the graphics card first. You can get an ATi 3D Rage AGP 16MB (Mac Edition) on eBay for $15-$20 and if the computer will turn on (Fans, Front Light, Drives, red light on the logic board) then the power supply is probably fine. The Power supply does provide the Necessary 25V to drive the ADC displays so if you can run a VGA/DVI output, but not ADC, then it might be the power supply, or the card.


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Guess I put my update to my question in the wrong place. Please see below.



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