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Buy or not to buy: that is the question?

I have Mac running Leopoard 10.5.8, but I have no airport extreme card or bluetooth. It was an option at the original purchase. I just recently purchased a airport extreme card for it, only to find out it had been stripped of the mezzanine card and the airport antenna! Now a simple upgrade becomes twice as expensive.

My question is as follows: I have a airport extreme Base station. Is there any way I can get around spending the extra cash to install the airport extreme card?

Can I sync the base station to the mac mini from ethernet port? It has no option for airport software located in the system/network controls.

Can I download the airport software without the airport extreme card installed or does it not to have that to download the software?

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You can download anything you want, even .exe files but they might not install.

Thanks guys for all the help.


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The airport extreme Base station has network ports (ethernet ports) so you can connect your mac mini to one of them and get the maximum speed you can have. Cheaper connection than the USB dongle and better performance if you don't need portability. If your airport extreme Base station is already configured for a wireless network just connect the network cable from the station to your mini and that's it. If the Base station is not configured then connect the same network cable from your mac to the base station and use the airport utility software that comes with 10.5.8 in the -> Applications->Utilities folder to configure a network or connect directly to the internet modem if you don't have other computer on the network. .


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lem, this was may first ever edit of what some else said. I just added ethernet because I was confused with network port. I take you're not from Texas. Further south they call it a cat hole. I pray you don't mind.

No I'm from Quebec, Canada. Here "network port" -> "ethernet port" -> "rj45 port" are the same "hole in the box" LOL but thanks for bringing up the right word.


Replacing the mezzanine card and antenna would cost an outrageous fortune, there's the rub. Better to suffer the small price of a USB bluetooth dongle than to take on the sea of troubles, grunt and sweat involved in installing them. With this regard, I would wish that this gives you a hue of resolution.


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Here are discussions of which bluetooth dongle is best, note: not all dongles work with Mac:


An alternative of OS for these machines is MorphOS an Amiga OS like.


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