Mid 2006 / model number A1181 / black or white case / 1.83 or 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo processor.

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Beep codes at boot

Thursday this machine was just. fine. Today while I try to upgrade the software, it refuses to boot and the screen stays dark. And a beep.

There’s a beep every 5 seconds or so which translates to “no memory/bad memory” or “memory can’t be found” . That’s important because I need to know what constitutes “memory found” ? I’ve tried three memory sticks in the left or right port. Nothing but the beep every 5 seconds.

Shouldn’t it not beep like that but change if the memory is bad ?

Update (04/11/2021)

Boy, this went sideways… before I go into machines again rather than swap parts, I need to upgrade my technique. The molex connectors and wiring were extremely fragile. I also need a way to document where each screw goes back to…

And all this for nothing. Check out the photos. Far as I can tell ,,, no battery. Since it won’t boot, I can’t use “about this Mac”, the serial number is worn away . So I checked others in the series. They don’t match either.

Block Image

Block Image

Any Thoughts ? Anyone ?

Update (04/11/2021)

I’s getting more complicated than I have energy for. The screen is dark but I’ve not disturbed the display in any way.

Update (04/12/2021)

I would have said “No, Nope, No Way there’s a battery. Then I thought batteries can be much different, lie inside of something, or really small. Check out this photo

Block Image

Inside the yellows circle, as big as the screw hole next to it. I didn’t even try to remove it it’s so small.

Goodwill ReConnect program

I get my computer equipment through them One local store is sponsored to Reconnect by Dell. The donated systems have the drives and memory removed before they put it on the shelf. Every piece of computer equipment is available if they’ve had a donation.

As you can imagine theres a great demand, and Goodwill cannot announce in any way when they are putting stuff our for sale, what it is and the computers are taped so the insides aren’t available to potential buyers. There’s usually a big line and the Mac stuff has the most interest as there’s only a few.

Well, my last visit there was too strange. On the way in, someone literally stepped on my leg going in…

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@capwalker666 - Well I see one error, you had selected the wrong system! You have a MacBook Core 2 Duo and Apple loved moving things! Here's the location of the battery in your system MacBook Core 2 Duo PRAM Battery (Santa Rosa/Penryn) Replacement


@danj "So I checked others in the series. They don’t match either." I should have phrased that differently: "I've checked all the guides but the internals don't match anything"





A common issue with these older systems is the PRAM battery needs to be replaced MacBook PRAM Battery and here’s the guide to get to it MacBook Core Duo PRAM Battery Replacement

What happens is the primary battery was disconnected so all of the PRAM data was lost as the PRAM battery is not working. You could try doing a SMC and PRAM reset with the primary battery installed and plugged in (make sure the battery is charged). Do the SMC reset first !!

How to reset a Mac’s NVRAM, PRAM, and SMC

MacBook PRAM Battery图片


MacBook PRAM Battery



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Thanks Dan. Seems they put the battery on the bottom of the system board. Just resetting the NVRAM and SMC alone would NOT fix the problem, correct? (I tried that and it doesn't stop the beeping)


@capwalker666 - If either battery is unable to support your systems settings, then resetting the settings won't work.

Are you sure you have the correct RAM and inserted it correctly?


@danj First of all, let me thank you for your time and effort. I sysop'ed a board for Novell and Borland for 11+ years. I'd be on the board by 6 and going through messages until 10 - 11. Of course it was unpaid. So what I post next I'm not requesting you answer, but questions for anyone who might jump in.

Now, yes the memory is right. strangely enough, it's when I insert faster memory that the beeping stops. Having a view of the memory and drive I didn't have before really helped. I could seat both better.

Since the battery is on the bottom, I'll have to get the whole logic board out. Bunch of screws all overheat get lost easily LOL. Since my previous experience was swapping parts, I didn't go into the guts like this, I never learned how to properly do a tear down, especially how to keep track of the small parts. I'd love to see a guide of shop practices - those things we do to support our repair work.


@capwalker666 - So you're an old-timer like my self ;-} I was setting up Novel networks and servers way back in NetWare 2.1 days! Do you remember G-Net? Or 3Com's 3Share? Before I joined Proteon (which is now long since gone with most of the early networking companies).

So you solved the RAM issue then using faster RAM?

I've seen lots of ways people have used to hold the parts and screws. It all comes down to what works for you. I've seen people use shirt cardboard which the par & location is marked and some blue painters tape used to hold the part/screws down. I've seen people use a magnetic parks board like what iFixit sells or just a multi-compartment box used. Today taking a picture with your cellphone and printed out is also a nice way pasting the parts to it, or even print the guides out we have here.


@danj You old enough to remember Corvus shared 10mb shared drives on 2 wire ? LOL Oh yea, G net, Three Com. I sysoped Novell's board for their drivers for two years, Borland ('Turbo Pascal ?") for 11. When Borland's stuff crossed Netware I answered.

Nope, not solved. I use a pair of faster ram on the second machine and no beeps, nodisplay either. I've checked all potential culprits like cable ends and everything is squared away.

I don't care where the battery is supposed to be, I'm not going into it again! No way I can get that back together. So I'm using it for parts.

I'm one that needs to slowly watch someone do before I jump in. Like watching (or hearing about) systems to keep things straight. My first picture is one of me peering over the table watching my grandparents play gin rummy.





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