Original Nintendo DS wont turn on or charge - No liquid damage or corr

I have a Nintendo DS Original unit, truly in 8/10 condition looks hardly used and got it in a lot. The console does not charge (tested several chargers with it) and put a known charged battery in the compartment and that doesnt work either. Upon opening up none of the liquid sensors are tripped and no corrosion on the motherboard.

Checked all ribbon cables are seated properly but reseated anyways. Checked power button contact and that looked to be fine. Any ideas?

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There are 2 or 3 fuses in the ds, all good?


Actually after finally seeing a video on YouTube I have determined it is indeed the F2 fuse. I compared readings between a known working Original Nintendo DS and sure enough the unit was not showing any resistance. It was also a little green between the metallic ends. compared to the known working unit which was black. I have ordered some new replacement fuses and will attempt the repair.