Do you have any tips on repairing this device? (3DS)

I have a completely DEMOLISHED 3DS, with an enormous number of problems, like the CHiP (How would the multiple problems with this get fixed?). I will now give you my best diagnosis of all (detectable) problems in a list instead of an entire essay’s worth of words:

  • Missing screw in back cover
  • Stripped screws on back
  • Missing microSD card
  • Broken LCD
  • Broken/missing cables/wires
  • Broken hinges
  • Faded/missing paint

If these problems can be fixed, the 3DS should be returned to pristine condition. I would like any advice you are able to provide. Thanks!

P.S. Pressing the POWER button makes the blue light activate for a few seconds before instant shutdown. Unlike in most situations, no popping sound plays like it would normally in this situation.

P.P.S. If you know anyone I can send it to, that could be very useful as well.

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I see nobody has made any comments or posted any answers on this question since I posted it over a month ago. I don't want to sound impatient, but I don't know if anyone is even looking at this question. I would just like to hear the suggestions of the community on this matter. Thanks!


Hi @michaeld2, your post is kind of difficult to respond to. You didn't state a specific or clear question. Do you want to repair it yourself? Because you also ask for someone to send it to. Simply stated you can replace missing parts and repair/replace broken parts. There is a full teardown posted so you can follow those steps.


@gmantunt When I posted the question, I wanted to inform you of the problems with the handheld, and ask for whatever assistance I could get. I'm not the best fixer on this site. Oftentimes, to be honest, fixing things doesn't go well for me once disassembly is required, and it ends up in worse condition than before. I did have my sights set on TronicsFix, since I heard 3DS console repair is his specialty, but I don't think I could afford cross-country shipping fees to send it there. I have no idea where I could send it.


@michaeld2 Always good to ask. iFixit is focused on repairing you own devices. The place where you ask might give different results. You didn't state where you live so recommending a place for repair is also not an option. I recommend you find a subreddit on about 3DS or your area to ask for advice.


@gmantunt I live in the state of Kentucky, so you can find local assistance. Thank you for responding.