iWatch Serie 2 Reboot Loop - Battery Problem?


I have an iwatch series 2 that i need to replace the LCD.

I open it, clean and replaced the 3d touch gasket. It took me a few weeks to get the new LCD, so I left the watch with its battery disconnected.

After getting the new LCD, I reconnected it, reconnected the battery, it took me alot of effort and I may have damaged the flex.

The first time, the watch did not turn it on.

I put it on the charger and the apple logo show up, but it then turned red and got quite warm. I took it off, and rechecked the battery flex connection again. It turned it on, it keeps rebooting charge up to 14% to 25%, but if I get it off the charger the battery drain quickly in a few second and reboot again.

May I have damaged the battery for a misplace flex connection the first time?

May it be still other bad connection inside I may have damaged or misplaced?


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